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It feels like December-

The mask, is still worn
And continues the new normal
The covid free expectations are torn
And we continue talking formal

“New year, New month, New day” we say
“Make your goals”, even if they don’t work?

What is new?
Except of the calendar?
Have we returned back to normal?
No. We’re busy planting lavender.

Has our excitement for new year ended?
Yes, but another begins
We are still in the same grade!
And is covid over now? Everyone will just guess.

Christmas is not here
But santa Claus must be, hiding
Seeing us, if we’re good or not
Talking to the elves, who handle gift wrapping

If it’s a new year, it’s still the same season
If it’s a new dawn, darkness may come too
If we’re supposed to be positive, what about the virus?
If it’s a new day, night comes too right?

They say it’s a new year
They say it’s a new month
I know it’s January
But it still feels like December

©️ the box of wonder blog.

So that was my poem, as an entry for the December-vibes-poetry-contest!

  • Design a post of your own and link back to the original post to notify the creator. Unnotified posts will not be judged.
  • Paste the rules of this contest on your post if you have a blog. If not, contact us at with your entry!
  • Tag this post as December- Vibes- Poetry
  • Last date of submission is 10 January.
  • Word limit ranges to 200 words
  • Inappropriate content shall be disqualified
  • You can send no more than 2 entries.
  •  Nominate at least 5 people to participate in this contest.
  • Thee last date for submission is *** 
  • Add the logo of this post that is:


I nominate all those who comment on this post! (You’ll be notified if you’re nominated!)

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Well, it’s December! Winter Moodboards 💙🤍

Hey Wonderful people, Happy December! Happy winter to the northern hemisphere!

I have seen many bloggers have moodboards, I first saw it in Lili’s blog, and now I’ve decided to have ’em too!! I’ll have moodboards every new season from now! Winter, is my favorite season if you don’t know that already, It’s comfy, cozy, warm and perfect for an introvert like me!

So basically, here are some satisfying, COZY and COMFY winter moodboards! After seeing all of these, I have a poll!

Shout out to Evin, she inspired me to use Pinterest for finding these pictures, it was really really helpful! I have tried to be a bit creative here, and add carectors of frozen here. Now if you don’t know, I’m currently obsessed with frozen (It’s a disney movie) And it’s about, ice! Soooooo, yes. You’ll see Elsa, Anna and Olaf here! Shout to Rachel for inspiring me for this!

Moodboard #1- Blue 💙

So THIS is the first ever moodboards made by me! It’s blue and I love it! like, just look at it! Snow, gloves, trees, and a whole city, everything is BLUE! the best image is the heart one, just look at it. Isn’t it so sweet?

Moodboard #2- Brown 🤎

Brown, well it’s the most aesthetic color ever, awarded by me! LOOK. It’s looking so sweet, comfortable, cozy, warm……..OMG THESE WORDS ARE REALLY REALLY GOOD. I LOVE THESE WORDS. LITTERALY. This moodboard has 8 images in it, the blue one had 6. *improvement!* *claps for herself*

Moodboard #3- Pink 💗

Well, I didn’t know pink would relate to winter in any way, but our dear Pinterest is so amazing, you know. It recommended me pink, and I saw pink images, and got these! This has got 6 images, like the blue one but 2 images less then the brown one.*🤷🏻‍♀️*

Moodboard #4- Green

Hey I like this one, it has BOOKS! Green is for nature and tree’s I added a Christmas tree here too! and again, 6 images. *shrugs*

Moodboard #5- White 🤍

OKAY, HOW DO I DISCRIBE THIS? You can see it in the moodboard itself, it’s having *counts* ELEVEN IMAGES. can you believe it? ELEVEN. not even TEN, not even EIGHT, not even SIX. ELEVEN. White=snow, and snow=cold cold=outside, outside is not equal to warm? well, I tried my best to add some warm images here. I’ve added OLAF! look at his face. I was going to add marshmallow too, but there was no space.

And that’s it! That’s the post 🙂 I have started writing short posts now, but believe me, I had a LOT of fun making these moodboards, if you haven’t tried it yet THEN DO IT! Make sure you add your blogs name in the moodboards so that people don’t steal it without giving credits! Which moodboard did you like a lot? Lemme know in this poll !! I’ll add the best one in my sidebar, or I’ll ad ’em all.

What’s “SNOW+F+🌊”? Comment below!

I’ll tell you the answer in my next post if no one guesses it ’cause it’s TRICKY.

And Shout out to Chelsea, Gelina, Aamy, Maggie, Naomi and Rebekah for telling the correct answer in this post!

Which moodboard did you like the most? Are you more excited for winter or Christmas? Comment below!

Stay safe, stay happy!


PS- CLICK HERE to visit the source of all these images- Pinterest.

PSS- I’ve edited my account, so do check it out here!

Latest posts, if you missed any!

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N-november just…ENDED? || November Wrap-up

Hello, Wonderful people!🙂

It’s 21st October, when I started writing this post. I’m still in my hiatus currently. I’m too excited for November, I think so.

Well, weird intro’s are a part of life in a lifestyle blog, so let’s get started writing this post!

EDIT ON 17TH NOV- Who does that? Did I really write this on 21st October? This post is literally empty, all I did was this intro, and a few headings. I have to do all the main work NOW.

📅How the Month was-

November was

*after many memories*

nice! I liked it, I returned from my hiatus! I hosted my very second contest! And how can I not say.. I REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! I mean, imagine, I was jumping around when I read TWENTY followers and now I’ve got HUNDRED! See that difference? Thank you all those amazing people who have been with me, right from the start. Sep, Sneha, Sid, Rachel, and so many more amazing people, who I’ve known for almost SIX months! You people are really special for me, and I can say it by 90% that if you’re reading this post, I HAVE thought about you A LOT. Even if I don’t follow your blog, that doesn’t even matter.

I’ve started being a bit more active on social media, I updated my goodreads a bit, Pinterest,, Instagram, and all those stuff.

📅Posts I wrote

  • Well I maintained my schedule this month- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! To see all my post, click here!

📅Books I read

Yes! So now like all of you, I’ll be adding this portion in my wrap ups! I’ve even updated my goodreads a bit (yeah I’ve started being on social media now 😎)

SO, this month, a lot has been happening, so I just read three books (It could be a lot worse if I just read one, so 3 is actually better.)

📅Important stuff

Well november got over so quick! I mean, a month seems small now. OH- I reached 100 followers this month! And also, it’s was my 5th month of blogging, like kind-off, because the day I started my blog was 28th, so yeah.


First of all, I wrote this heading on 17 NOVEMBER 2021 and NOT on 21st octo.

  1. 100+ Followers! 😀
  2. Most likes ever!

Nothing much I guess, and even If I did get anything, I probably forgot all about it, which is a proof, that I’m a human!


Well, this month, I returned from my hiatus. My 2 month hiatus. I returned when literally I stopped getting notifications whenever I opened wp, and it felt really really boring that way.

After returning, I planned to have THREE post per week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) some bloggers found it irritating, some even unfollowed, but it’s ok! I’m working on a feedback form where people will be answering these kind of questions, now I’ve decided to have posts on tuesdays and suturdays, before blogmass begins. HEY, I’M DOING BLOGMASS!

November is (sadly) over 😢 So let’s go to december!

👋🏻Welcome, dear December

What do I write here? Oh, welcome December! You’re the 6th month of my blogging life, better be good, at least as good as November. It’s an order 🙂

📃Blogging goals for the month

I don’t have much goals, but I do have SoME goals

  • DO blogmass for ATLEAST 10 days.
  • Reach 110+ followers?

I can’t think of any goals, sorry 🙂

✍🏻Place to write STUFF

Well, what can I say? It feels like November just begun. Read-write contest has got many entries. I’ve planned to have 1 guest post per month next year after the results





Ah well, Early notice – I’ll be doing a 1 week blogmass this year 😀 So cool. IKR!




Now, my endings are getting weird like my intros😶

What is- 💧+ Melon?

BYE! Stay happy!