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January Warp Up! // It’s 2020 too!

Hullo Wonderful People! 🪄

This is the first wrap up post of 2022! And January was not as expected… it was weird, kind-of… anyway, here’s the wrap up!

Guess what!! I never made a goal! 🙂 I did try out my resolutions, and each of them are slowly breaking.. but it’s fine enough.

I have read a good amount of book this month! I must read atleast 70 books till year end, it’s a resolution which is going on quite well!

I haven’t been listening many songs, when are you even supposed to listen to songs? I have made some Spotify Playlist but I don’t know why. And movies, well, I watched some hindi movies and I was just about to watched about half of the parent trap. But I haven’t finished it yet, so… 🤷🏻‍♀️

*checks stats and stuff*

Nope, the blog things were not quite good, I missed 2 posts, or maybe more but I’ll post more regularly now, and not just poems-

This month was weird. I felt weird, I felt lonely, I felt a lot different, and I don’t know why, I started writing in a diary again, not really, but I think what I’ll write in it while going to sleep, and my head starts paining after thinking of so many things at once 🙄

But overall, January seemed good! And everything improved…..except blogging and music!

February, I don’t think I need to say anything. Cause it’s impossible for you to even read what I’m writing! Look, I’m being so logical, aren’t I 😇

  • 1 post with 50+ comments
  • Interesting posts
  • Less poems, readers get bored
  • Host a contest or tag or award
  • Have ✨UnIqUe ✨ posts
  • Do something related to art
  • Play chess with my sister

I need your help to achieve my goals!

And that was the first wrap up, of the first month of the not-at-all first year! Thank you for reading! Comment below what’s C + 🔒!

Another new sign-off!

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N-november just…ENDED? || November Wrap-up

Hello, Wonderful people!🙂

It’s 21st October, when I started writing this post. I’m still in my hiatus currently. I’m too excited for November, I think so.

Well, weird intro’s are a part of life in a lifestyle blog, so let’s get started writing this post!

EDIT ON 17TH NOV- Who does that? Did I really write this on 21st October? This post is literally empty, all I did was this intro, and a few headings. I have to do all the main work NOW.

📅How the Month was-

November was

*after many memories*

nice! I liked it, I returned from my hiatus! I hosted my very second contest! And how can I not say.. I REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! I mean, imagine, I was jumping around when I read TWENTY followers and now I’ve got HUNDRED! See that difference? Thank you all those amazing people who have been with me, right from the start. Sep, Sneha, Sid, Rachel, and so many more amazing people, who I’ve known for almost SIX months! You people are really special for me, and I can say it by 90% that if you’re reading this post, I HAVE thought about you A LOT. Even if I don’t follow your blog, that doesn’t even matter.

I’ve started being a bit more active on social media, I updated my goodreads a bit, Pinterest,, Instagram, and all those stuff.

📅Posts I wrote

  • Well I maintained my schedule this month- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! To see all my post, click here!

📅Books I read

Yes! So now like all of you, I’ll be adding this portion in my wrap ups! I’ve even updated my goodreads a bit (yeah I’ve started being on social media now 😎)

SO, this month, a lot has been happening, so I just read three books (It could be a lot worse if I just read one, so 3 is actually better.)

📅Important stuff

Well november got over so quick! I mean, a month seems small now. OH- I reached 100 followers this month! And also, it’s was my 5th month of blogging, like kind-off, because the day I started my blog was 28th, so yeah.


First of all, I wrote this heading on 17 NOVEMBER 2021 and NOT on 21st octo.

  1. 100+ Followers! 😀
  2. Most likes ever!

Nothing much I guess, and even If I did get anything, I probably forgot all about it, which is a proof, that I’m a human!


Well, this month, I returned from my hiatus. My 2 month hiatus. I returned when literally I stopped getting notifications whenever I opened wp, and it felt really really boring that way.

After returning, I planned to have THREE post per week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) some bloggers found it irritating, some even unfollowed, but it’s ok! I’m working on a feedback form where people will be answering these kind of questions, now I’ve decided to have posts on tuesdays and suturdays, before blogmass begins. HEY, I’M DOING BLOGMASS!

November is (sadly) over 😢 So let’s go to december!

👋🏻Welcome, dear December

What do I write here? Oh, welcome December! You’re the 6th month of my blogging life, better be good, at least as good as November. It’s an order 🙂

📃Blogging goals for the month

I don’t have much goals, but I do have SoME goals

  • DO blogmass for ATLEAST 10 days.
  • Reach 110+ followers?

I can’t think of any goals, sorry 🙂

✍🏻Place to write STUFF

Well, what can I say? It feels like November just begun. Read-write contest has got many entries. I’ve planned to have 1 guest post per month next year after the results





Ah well, Early notice – I’ll be doing a 1 week blogmass this year 😀 So cool. IKR!




Now, my endings are getting weird like my intros😶

What is- 💧+ Melon?

BYE! Stay happy!


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Good-bye August :( + Welcome September :)!

Hello Wonderful People!

I don’t have much to write here, so read rest of my post..

August was such a FAB month! (Ya, but just for me while blogging) I learnt a lot, about blogging and other things. But I don’t know, the world was just..

*comes back after a few hours*

Okay, I don’t think I can describe this month. All I can say is that..August was a important month for me..


Evin has made a really relatable post, “truth about blogging”! If you have a blog, I’m sure you’ll find it relatable, because it is!

If you’re looking for a way to laugh, you must view Sep’s awesome post about bookish memes ! You’ll definitely find them funny if you like reading books! ZD ZD ZD ZD ZD ZD ZD.(yes, our xD has got glasses🤷🏻‍♀️)

I really liked this tag! And it was the first tag I ever got nominated for! You must check out this post! Thanks a LOT for nominating me! It means a lot!

This seems quite useful too me, a new way of designing! I still use canva, but thanks for the suggestions!

Designing and stuff + some VERY important things

Happy 75th Independence Day

Celebration time #1(voting ended on 20th August)

The everything collab

Quote of the month

Every month from now, I’ll give a virtual badge to the top 5 blogs/ bloggers I enjoyed reading! The ones of the PREVIOUS month will be given their badges in a different post!

You can display those badges on your blog and/or your any of your post!

NOTE: You do NOT need to follow me for this, just have a good blog and no need to follow me, like or comment regularly if you don’t want to!

Thanks to each and every wonderful person, who helped me reach these achievment!

》 Followers – 40+!!!

》Likes – 200+

》Views – 1000+

》Comments – 240+

September, all I want to tell you is to be better than August

  • 50+ followers!!!!(8 more needed! You guys need to help me!)
  • More blogging friends
  • A Collab
  • 1 post each week (ONLY)
Here are a few announcements for September ~
  • From now, at the end of every post, I will ask you guys a questions related to emoji’s! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!(I already started it but… This is an Official announcement zD)
  • September is the ‘Super Month’! As it is my birthday month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The theme of the month would be ‘I’ll be myself, and you’ll be yourself ‘ cool?(okay I am going to change it soon but it’s going to be something like this) A lot of thing related are coming up!
  • I’m going too add a LOT more pages and TWO new sites!! Woo-hoo!! I’ll make a post related whenever I make these changes!
  • I just want to request you all to create a Pinterest account(pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?) I got a message from the contact page, but they did not have a Pinterest account I told you all before, I don’t email. Here’s a video tutorial if you need help!
Send me your username once you have created your account so that I can message you from pinterest!

Click here to visit my Pinterest account, Pinterest username- Theboxofwonder_

  • The All about me contest has finaly ENDED! I’ll announce the winner very soon! Let me know in the comments if you need more time!

Guess the Famous Disney character!

O + 🤣 =?

(Comment below!)

Congratulations to you if you have reached all the way to the end! You are a great person! Thanks a million for reading this whole post!

Now let me tell you some magic tricks

  • If you click on the ☆ shaped button, it would turn blue!
  • If you write a comment, I will be able to see it!
  • It you follow with your WP account, that button would automatically get green! + You will be able to see my latest posts in your reader.

Finally, The post has finished!!!!! See y’all in my next post!

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Welcome August! Let’s begin a new month with new tasks and more!

Hello Wonderful People!

I know that I’m late to publish this post 😅(I Should have done it on 1st August but it wasn’t ready)

I have a problem like this from the start


I cross things when I don’t need too


Hello Wonderful People!

It’s a new month! August! And I’m so excited for the coming whole month! I hope it would be fun and happy for all of us! And in this post, all we will do is discuss about August!

Ready for a long post? (It is actually long, that’s why it took time to write it, now I hope it IS long ;))

So here are some fact about August 2021!-

Goodbye to July 2021!

Now before starting, we must say bye to July. It was so much fun on July! July was the second month of my Blog, and probably the first whole month of my Blog!

Do you know I have experienced so much on August, with the help of this blog! Some of my achievements were –

getting the feel of a celebration? The post is coming soon! Stay tuned for it!

Special Days on August 2021!

  • 1st Aug- Friendship Day
  • 1st Aug- Sisters Day
  • 4th Aug- International cloud leopard day
  • 5th Aug- traffic light day
  • 8th Aug- World Cat day
  • 8th Aug-International infinity day
  • 9th Aug- International Day of the world’s indigenous people
  • 9th Aug- International Coworking Day
  • 10th Aug- World lion day
  • 11th Aug- World calligraphy day
  • 12th Aug- International youth day
  • 12th Aug- World elephant day
  • 13th Aug- International left-handed day
  • 14th Aug- World lizard day
  • 19th Aug- World photography day
  • 19th Aug- World Humanitarian day
  • 19th Aug- International Orangutan day
  • 19th Aug- International Bow day
  • 20th Aug- World mosquito day ??
  • 20th Aug- International day of emergency transport

I have an idea, visit this site to know more😅(if you wanna)

This is what took most of the time -_-. Who celebrates so many days in 1 month

Some tasks and goals!

  • Get 20 followers?
  • Get more likes and comments!
  • Complete all the assignments on time!
  • Study well for the tests!
  • Make more friends!
  • Read more books!


It has been 1 month of blogging for me! i would love to know how you think my blog is! Dont worry, your information will not be shared!!

How was my blog the previous month?

What can I improve on? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be glad to know I can improve 😌

It’s not as long as I thought. -_-

anyways, that’s that’s all for today! Thanks for reading this post and always supporting me!

FUn FaCt- I have started making the august wrap up and September post so that I dont get late again 🤣😂

STAY Hapy!

*realises the spelling is wrong, but thinks no one would mind and doesn’t edit it because tooo lazy*

I love this!!! (Self-praising)