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May Wrap Up // I miss online classes but love school

See the situation? If it was online classes, we would get less holiday homework(or those little ppt ones), and I could blog. Now, as there are no online classes, we get more homework, but school is better. But I don’t get time to blog‼

Anyway, Hello Wonderful People!

I can’t believe I missed April wrap up (actually I can. ha ha ha). I had a lot of this to write, a lot of books to mention but… anyway. So, I’ll be mentioning all the books I’ve read since…*comes after 5 minutes* April!

I compelely forgot about the goals thing. let’s see…..

Okay, since there was no wrap up’s before January, these are the goals of February:

Warning- You’ll going to see a lot of no’s.


yes!! Seeing the fact that I haven’t really posted a lot, this is good!

  • 1 post with 50+ comments

Nope, I didn’t have any posts.

  • Interesting posts


  • Less poems

yeah, I had no poems, that just makes it better 🙂

  • Host a contest or tag or award

noooooooooooo why did I forgettttttttt about the goalssssssssssssss

  • Have ✨UnIqUe✨ posts

no, thank you very much

  • Do something related to art

I did make some sketches, but no posts

  • Play chess with my sister

as if.

Don’t worry, me, next time I’ll write easy goals.

The best part of the wrap up.

So, I have read a lot since I last posted (that’s another reason I didn’t get time to blog) Here are the series I’ve read:

*opens goodreads*

  • Princess Diaries
  • Percy Jackson and The Olympians
  • The Heroes of Olympus
  • The trials of Apollo
  • Kane Chronicles (I’m reading the last one of this)

I’ll also be reading fangirl pretty soon, but I haven’t exactly started yet.

The house of Hades (Heroes of Olympus #4)- Rick Riordan

I read it this month? That’s weird. It felt like I read it ages ago.

This is a pretty cool book, It’ll be better if you read the PJO series before ’cause it has someone from that series. Anyway, If you’ve read the books before this, it’s going to be a great read. I’m not giving any spoilers, so yes. Its written by the pov of all the 7 demigods. And I just love it how everyone has there own problems, but slowly gets a solutions, with the main mission getting completed. Plus, the humor, in the books. I rate it 4.5/5

The blood of Olympus (Heroes of olympus#5)-Rick Riordan

This book was maybe the best book. It was a little… very little sad. like, the last chapters. The ending was so good. and the ending was so bad. It didn’t feel like the last book of the series. like there’s more going to happen (and it eventually did, in the trials of Apollo). But I really liked it, so I rate in 4/5.

The trials of Apollo (all 5 books)- Rick Riordan

I didn’t read this book online, it was so good reading a hysical book after so many days when there’s no library around your house!!!!!!!!! Apollo is one of my favorite gods. It’s pretty sad what happened to him in the start. You’ll eventually see every of the demigods in camp half-blood and camp Jupiter. The burning maze, was the saddest. I literally cried at one point of time. It’s so sad and unfair that bad people (or monsters or whatever) don’t die early and the good ones face so many difficulties. LOOK AT MEG THOSE WHO THINK 12 YEAR OLDS AREN’T MATURE. SHE’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARECTORS. And artemins, or Diana, is my favorite goddessess. Hera/Juno, isn’t that bad too, you know. Just read the books. together, I rate the series 4.9/5. Cuase there’s just one tiny thing I don’t like.

Camp half-blood (The trials of Apollo #2.5)- Rick Riordan.

If you want to know about camp half blood, read this book. I think you should read it after the series, since it contains of some new things in the map. and yes, it also contains a play by Apollo, with some fanarts, or characters and cabins. rating- 5/5

The red pyramid (Kane chronicles#1)- Rick Riordan

Another great series of the Riordan verse. This book is related to Egyptian mythology (as written in the synopsis.) And its about two siblings- Carter and Sadie who need to complete quest to save people. Both of them take turns in saying story, two chapters each person.

The Throne of Fire (Kane chronicles #2)- Rick Riordan

In this book, it’s someone’s birthday! Ha ha. Some more characters join the adventure, like Walt- who listened to the first recording and found out about it.

Princess Mia (Princess diaries #9)- Meg Cabot

I started the princess diaries series before Pjo. But then I don’t know how, but I eventually stopped reading it. And started with this book, it was much better than the old ones. It wasn’t just a romance book, like the others. It had a lot more under it. It was my favorite book of the whole series. I rate it 5/5

Princess forever (Princess diaries #10)- Meg Cabot

Anything I say may spoil the book for you, so no, I’ll not say anything. But Mia turns out to be happy at the end. So does Tina. So does J.P.. So does Micheal. So does Lilly. So does Boris. So does Kenny. So does Lana and Trish, and, well, everyone I’ve missed. After so many books, it kind of feels sad that there are no more books left in the series. But I really liked this one. THIS IS HOW A SERIES SHOULD END. I’m rating it 5/5 too.


I’ve started listening to music more often! Like, whenever I blog, I listen music. Although I think I didn’t listen to music that much this month.

I expected this


I also watches some movies with my sister, since we both had our exams over.

I didn’t really write any posts, except this one, in may. So I’ll write nothing.

Uh okay.

Hey June, whazzup, 12th month of blogging? I started blogging in June last year (29th June actually) so let me have more posts than last year, okay? I’ll give your a treat. Maybe a cube of sugar.

YES THAT’S RIGHT, 1 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY NEXT MONTH!!!!!!! (tho I haven’t blogged for one month, I’ve had a lot of hiatuses.)

I went travelling the seven sisters with my family, it was great travelling after so many exams. I have holidays till 3rd July. so goooooooood! specially that my sister had a holiday of 1 month. That makes it better hahahaaa. But I’m going complete all my holiday homework till 15th June so I can peacefully read and blog rest of the holidays.

  • Read more books than this month (12+)
  • POST
  • Write a book/series review.
  • Do a post related to art
  • Do at least one award/tag
  • Do a bookish post
  • Post in the Earthy diaries and OITR
  • Write a wrap up
  • Mention “wrap up” in the title
  • Complee at least one of the above.

see? easy tasks. I’ll probably not forget them.

So I think this post is over. It was pretty long, right? Let me know what you read in the comments, or how was your may. Also, how have you been keeping up with blogging after all the work you have? Some tips might help me.

PS: I’m going to finish fangirl by rainbow Rowell tomorrow. So I’ll update it in next month’s wrap up. I’ve finished about 25 percent and I think Cath is almost me. Seriously, I knew this book was going to help me.

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Hello wonderful people 😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

SO, surprise surprise! There’s a new blog for you!

I have been working on this little collab blog for months. Literally months. Like, since last year. AND ITS FINALLY LAUNCHED!!

So I did sometimes accidentally mention about this blog and I was not supposed to…oops. And that’s the reason I couldn’t post often in my blog- I’ve been working for this blog….AND ITS FINALLY LAUNCHED!!!!!

The name of our collab blog is earthy diaries- you could know more about it by visiting our site, there are a good number of pages we’ve made. And it’s published yesterday, as it was earth day! We, all the members are really excited, and you should be too, ‘Cause we have a m a z i n g ideas!

Well, anyway, explore our blog! Hope you like it!

~About my destroyed blogging schedule~

I am sorry for not being able to post much. The thing is, I’m having exams again. Yes, and it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started 7th grade. Great.

Well, anyway, I’m trying to find at least 1 hour of blogging everyday and I have some posts almost ready for my blog. But I still might not post that often for now…

Anyway, thank you so much for the support you’ve giving us in earthy diaries! It’s keeping us motivated to keep blogging 🙂

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I’m back: Where I had been and a sort-of life update + 🌻Spring🌻 Mood boards!

A featured image after months…

🌈Hello Wonderful readers!

As you may know, I was on an unannounced blogging hiatus, where I didn’t even read your blog posts. I even stopped reading books, and a lot more things because of my exams but now I’m finally back, and really happy! So I thought to have a little post to make you remember that I exist : )

The main reason of leaving blogging was exams and sadness. I haven’t had a proper post since 1st January, and now it’s April!

A lot has happened since I’ve stopped. Here are a few great things that happened!:

  • I finished the harry potter series and I’ve started Agatha Oddly! 📖
  • I’m going to be in 7th grade in four days (this makes me so proud) and I’m going school offline! 🏫
  • I’ve learnt a few songs on my piano and I am practising playing it with both hands🎹
  • I came rank 1 on! and I’m not that addicted to it anymore 😆
  • I found out that I’m a Ravenclaw! 💙
  • I got vaccinated! 💉

Books I read:

I’ve read a good number of books in February, and a bit in April. (I didn’t read at all in march, probably) I have finishd The Harry Potter series and the Agatha oddly series (They both are SO good!) I read The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond in march, when I was reading nothing. It looked so cute!

Spring Mood Boards

It’s kind-of Spring right now, so I have made some mood boards like I did for winter They are of 4 different colors- green, yellow, pink and blue. Here they are!:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png

I really hope that you like them! (It took me two hours so appreciate my hard work😌) You can use them if you like, but please give credits! All the images are from pinterest or the internet, and none of these images used belong to me.

Comment below how you’ve been since I was gone. And how did your exams go, if you had any! I’ll be waiting for your replies! see you in the next post! stay safe and happy! ^-^

PS: Check out The Celebration #3 Post- I would be answering you assumptions soon so make sure you’ve added yours! This post also contains the badges of the read write contest, which I held a few months ago. So, if you’ve participated, you can find yours and use it anywhere you like!

PSS: I’m sorry for not replying your messages on Pinterest and your comments on WordPress, etc. As I said, I was inactive, and now I’ll reply to them soon 🙂

Latest Posts:

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8 Things I do when I’m sad

Hello wonderful people! 💕

I know I was supposed to post on Tuesday, and I even had a post scheduled. And even seven people saw it. But it wasn’t finished.😂

so I decided to stop this schedule for sometime, and now I’ll be having 1 post per week, that’s not really bad, is it!

So back to the post, here, I’ll show you somethings I do when I’m sad or depressed! It’s kind-of all I could think of… Anyway,

#1| Have some alone time

It’s really really good to have some alone time, especially if you’re sad or depressed. You can cry, hit the pillow, or do anything without caring what others think. It makes you think about the reason you’re sad, and might cheer you up a bit!

#2| Write a poem

Have you ever thought why most of the amazing poems are sad, and filled with pain or anger? Its because (I think) these are written in hard times, or maybe while remembering them. After writing a poem, when I re-read it, I feel like, overreacting!😂 and I see what others think when they see me in that state. But I’m the only one who know the real thing behind it, and it surely makes me happy!

#3| Study and/or listen to music

I don’t listen to music usually, but listening to sad music, makes you happy! And if you stady, it’d kind off good? There you go! A great combination- Music + Study!

#4| Write in the diary, or think about it

Writing is simply like poetry, I guess. And writing in a diary can make you feel as better as writing poems. If you’re not good at writing poems, then just write a diary!

I don’t write in diaries, as it takes a lot of time. So, I just think about what I’ll write in my diary, say it to my mind, it equally makes me feel better! And it’s something you can do if you’re a lazy person too!

#5| Lie in the bed, and think of a n y t h i n g

You see, thinking and spending some time with yourself cheers you up! When I’m sad (and I want people to see it mwahahahahha) I just lie in the bed, and stare the ceiling fan, and think. About anything, you know, you get those thoughts which don’t let you sleep at night, the same thoughts come here! And who knows, you miGHt fall asleep 🧐

#6 Design blog graphics, or a new logo for your blog(if you’re a blogger)!

This is really fun! I use canva for all the designing stuff and I’m always busy designing my blog graphics, and then making newer and “better” ones🤠 I’m even working on a logo for my blog but I fail everytime at the end, but it’s f u n!

#7 Draw aka scribble!

Scribbling is fun too! I’ve been practicing making realistic eyes, and shading, and 3d drawing and mostly I used to do all these when I’m sad!

#8 Talk with your anyone!

I think, talking would help you a lot, if not any friend or family member, you can talk to the one-who-made-you-sad! I don’t talk to someone when I am sad, but if you are, you can definitely try!

I had a lot of thing to write here 2 days ago, but right now I’m happy enough, so I can’t really think of something. So that’s it!

What do you do when you’re sad? And what’s 🕷+👨🏻? Comment below!

Stay safe and happy, and bye!

PS: I don’t know if I mentioned it or not already, but I might not have two post each week, and mostly poems, because I have a lot of work and I *feel* I should study more than I do 😂 I’ll not have any post this Saturday cause it’s tomorrow 🙂 and don’t you think I can write a readable post in 1 day 🙂

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A new blog design, A new schedule and a new POST! It’s a new year, “new” shall be overused, right?

Hello Wonderful People! 🦋

It’s a new year. We all are excited for it. At least a bit. We make new year resolutions which do work sometimes!

I’ve made a new year resolution of managing blog with my other work. working with a timetable (which I will break soon, so don’t worry) and not forcing my sister to play with me alll the time even though she never listens. (just once a week!)

I’ve also (hopefully) redesigned my blog till now. to read this post on my site, with the redesign, click here.

This post is all about my blogs redesign, my blogs schedule, my blog series, and everything else related to my blog which I’ll write here. CLICK HERE to read this post in my blog

🌈The Blog Redesign

I’ve added that amazing background in my blog again! It looks so pretty! The “I’m feeling 2022” is a pun which I had seen in WhatsApp. I’ve added the winter mood boards I had made in the widgets area to make make it look cool and i had even made a whole post related to it! check it out here!

🌈The Blog Schedule

I won’t be strict with blogging this year. I’ll write posts whenever I have time and I’ll have at least 1 or 2 posts every week, this is so I don’t need to go on a hiatus after so much work. I’ll try to maintain the Tuesday and Saturday schedule too. My posts will be published at 9:00 am IST which is 3:30 am GMT.

OKay I know this post is published late but forget that.

MISSION: No Hiatus This Year

yep, that’s my mission- blog without hiatuses! I can still take hiatuses, my missions and plans never work. 🙂

🌈Blog Series

Most of my posts this year would be a part of some blog series. I have a lot of Ideas- which are going to increase the number of categories, tags and a lot more- in my mind. I’ll introduce the to you all before 31st December. 😇😇

🌈Collabs and Guest Posts

collabs and guest posts are f u n. first of all, they make writing faster and easier! second, they are f u n! third, I would’ve written a lot more if I did have a lot more time. If you would like to collaborate with me, please contact me through the options in the contact page!

For guest posts, I’m always open to them! I had also gave 7 people a guest post as an award for the read write contest! you can see that post here. If you’re not a winner, but you still want to have a guest post, please let me know! There will always be a way you can send one (even without sharing your email!)

🌈Awards and Tags

I know that I’ve not been doing awards and tags from a long time 😁 I will do them soon, so don’t get after me for that. I might stop repeating tags, but I’m not sure yet.

🌈Categories and tags

the categories in my blog have increased, and so have the tags, their was a time I had cleared the non-useful ones, but now they have piled up again and I don’t want to clear them anymore, because who cares? ZD

🌈Blog Goals For 2022

  • have minimum 48 posts- that’s a lot actually.
  • Don’t feel forced to have a blog
  • reach 200+ followers!
  • have 10 guest posts
  • do 5 collab (at least)
  • Have a great year

And that’s all for the post!

Comment below: What’s a new year resolution you’ve made? What about the last year’s?

What is 🧈+ f + 🤥?

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Results of the Read-Write Contest!! || Happy New Year!

Hello wonderful people

Happy New Year!!

As I had promised to announce the winners on 1st Jan, I had to do it anyway. I’ve written this post in 1 hour. On 28th December and a littllleee bit on 28th. 🙃


I have got 24 participants! I’m really happy. I expected about 10 entries 😂 What made me even more happy is that I got 2 entries on the day it was launched and 4 on the last day. That means that is wasn’t a weird idea like most of mine 😀 Thank you to all those amazing 25 people!

Here they are (according to the date and time of submission) ~

Winners // based on the story-

This took me about 25 minutes. Most of the people had exceeded the sentence limit. I’ve also done a strict checking here 😁 Here are the winners-

Third position-

Stara @ The Pool Of Thoughts !!

Stara’s story was so beautiful! It was like the other side of an evil person. Check it out here.

Second Position-

Akshita @ Anthology Of Akshita’s Thoughts!!

Akshita’s short stories are always so cool!! Check the post here!

First position-

Nehal @ Quirky Pages!!!

Amelia looked to the left, then she looked to her right. Before moving forward, alone at midnight, she gulped and took a deep breath. She took quick, deliberate steps, trying not to draw too much attention. Keeping her head down, she hugged her arms. She was afraid of silhouetted figures of men, afraid of what the night held in its realms.

Did you notice that the story rhymes? Tell me how you like it in the comments!

Winners // Based on early responses

Third Position ~

Prashansa @ readers’ Alcove!

Second Position ~

Inky @ Sorsooorna’s Boring Blog

First Position ~

Kaashvi @ Admist

Dhriti @ Tomboy Diaries

There are two people here as both of the had submitted their entries on the day it was launched

Winners// Based on best designed posts

Dhriti @ Tomboy Diaries
Prasansa  @ Readers’ Alcove
Rabhya @ Rabs Bookish Plannet
Erin @ Story Of A Christian Girl
Blue @ Territory Of Blueberry
Nehal @ Quirky Pages

Special Mentions

Thank you to all the 25 who have participated. Thank you to all those, who did this as there first contest ever. Thank you to the people who didths contest as an open contest, without getting nominated. Thank you Inky, for the super creative post you’ve written. Thank you Sep, for helping me with this post. Congratulations to Nehal, Dhriti and Prashansa for getting more than 1 award in this contest! Thank you everyone, for participating and giving this 25 participants!

Guest Post Winners~

  1. Nehal @ Quirky Pages
  2. Akshita @ Anthology Of Akshita’s Thoughts
  3. Dhriti @ Tomboy Diaries
  4. Prasansa  @ Readers’ Alcove
  5. Rabhya @ Rabs Bookish Plannet
  6. Erin @ Story Of A Christian Girl
  7. Blue @ Territory Of Blueberry
  8. Nehal @ Quirky Pages

That’s 8! If your name has been repeated, forget that. Or you can have 2 guest posts if you like! Anyone who has won any award, or has participated, or is read this post, or would like to have a guest post, can write one too!

You all can email me, or send the guest post from the options in this or this page. No time limit to send them- any time before 31st December 2022 😇

A new Sign-off!

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A short note

I’m sorry if the title made you feel like I’m leaving WordPress 😂

I mean- it did to me, soo, um, yeah?


I’m obsessed with “~” again 🙂

Rewrite 2~

Yep, this is the final one-

So all I wanted to say, is…..




honestly I’m not making so many dots again, it takes TIME

Hey, that’s not “all” I wanted to say.

Alright, being serious now.

not really 🙂

So, I’m going on a break. Not long- just for 1 or 2 weeks. I’m definitely having a new year post on 1st Jan, so I guess that’ll be fine for you all? I want to catch up with all the work I have cause I want it all to be done before the end of the year. You know, for a new start! Till then, I will be catching up with your post so it’s not a proper hiatus anyway. Bye!

~Betty ✨

PS: sorry for the unnecessary stuff in this post. I just can’t help *shrugs*

PSS: Thank you for 1500+ likes!

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It’s the day before Christmas🎄~ A lot of things.


It’s 24th!! The day before Christmas! Following my September-started tradition, I shall say it again-


I can’t wait for new year~ there’s a lot I want to show you! I HAVE A BIG SURPRISE ~ I’m the creator of a new blog!

oops, I wasn’t supposed to say that so soon 😬 Anyway, get excited, cuz you should 🙂

Right, now going on with the post, there are few things I was supposed to do today~

A lot of things #1

Secret Santa stuff ~

🎄Aamy to Amelia

Hey Amelia! I got you as my Secret Santa buddy for betty’s contest. I love your blog design and the logo, just *chef’s kiss*


Have a very merry Christmas (:

🎄Rudrani to Divi

Hey divi,

Hope you’re having a great day…Happy Christmas to you, and happy new year in advance as well.Hope you have your best Christmas this year. Sorry i couldn’t prepare anything for you, all because of exams, hope you understand.Hoping to get to know you better, and be friends with you soon, betty might have given you my mail id so you can always msg me up on hangouts (Gchat) or just send a mail.Once again Merry Christmas!!😊Warm regards,


🎄Prashansa to Kunjal

🎄 Kunjal to Prashansa

Hello prashansa! this is me kunjal! Before i present you what i have made for you for the secret santa, let me tell you that I hope you have a very pleasant christmas!. And maybe it is not just about christmas, the year is ending too! And so I have made something for you! I don’t know you but I still hope you have a reason to smile 

 at this year’s end!

🎇Merry christmas!

A lot of things #2

The winner of the fashion show

So… the winner is…






I can make it longer, but I don’t have time 🙂











Gtg now, I need to do my work ): Byee

Stay safe and stay happy!



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Christmas themed book recommendations by Anoushka!

It is that time of the year again when white snow falls through your window and magic coats the air as well as all the wonderful book covers sitting peacefully on your bookshelf.

Everyone runs to the neartest candy shop to kidnap as many candy canes as we can possibly get our hands on. There’s snow ball fights and snow angels and more snow ball fights. And there’s also gifts (SO MANY OF THEM) and amazing FOOD (!!!) and HUGE CHRISTMAS TREES that cannot fit through the doorway because we turned into extremely excited little humans and forgot to measure the height (oops) And did I mention snow ball fights? I don’t think I did. BUT, in other words, THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR has arrived, the holiday season has began and the Christmas craze is ON!

Now, I know what youre thinking. ‘But, Anoushka, I’m not allowed to go out because – COVID! I’m not allowed to run out the frozen doorway and stick my tongue out and swallow a delicious little snowflake (which is honestly so sad), or do anything else, because COVID.’ I KNOW. And THAT, innocent little olives, is the reason I have brought along… olives. I mean, SOLUTIONS.

BUT wait a second. Since sweet little Betty asked me to provide a brief introduction, lets get to that BEFORE we start with the snow ball fights (because we might get very umm… intense, and forget about said intro and we do not want that)

So. I’m Anoushka, fellow olive and bookwom extraordinaire. I blog over at dipped in ink (or at least pretend to), a book blog (okay, who am I kidding? Its more of an olive-advertising blog at this point, but we need to keep the readers interested through some ‘slight’ mind manipulations, don’t we?) THANKS SO MUCH TO BETTY FOR LETTING ME DO A GUEST POST ON HER WONDERFUL BLOG, IN HONOR OF SANTOSPHERE!

And with all of that out of the way, we can start with the real REASON I’M HERE. As in – THE SNOW BALL FIGHT. Disguised in the form of Christmas themed books for you to DEVOUR AND FALL IN LOVE WITH. No, no, I wasn’t babbling like a lunatic about that snow ball fight for so long. I told you, IN DISGUISE. We can always hurl the book recs at each other accompanied with lots of screaming, and call it a very successful book ball fight. yes.


Disclaimer: I haven’t read *any* of these books, but due research has been conducted. Selected on the basis of synopsis, reviews from fellow bloggers and goodreads members, as well as some late night google searches. Photos link back to goodreads synopsis. Most books are from the YA category since that is the majority of what I usually read! Recommendations ready for take off.

1.       Recommended for You by Laura Silverman

So let us, for a moment, get this straight. THIS BOOK IS SET IN A BOOKSHOP. and a bookshop = heaven for every single bookworm out there = a place we could spend the rest of our LIVES in = TRUE LOVE FOR ETERNITY GUARANTEED. That is reason enough to read it. BUT I can see some of you suspicious little beans out there, so umm, some more delicious reasons? It contains Jewish representation, and also RIVALS-TO-LOVERS ROMACE, and did I ever mention that IT. IS. SET. IN. A. BOOKSTORE?

2. Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

A beauty and the best retelling SET AT A BOARDING SCHOOL. I mean, TALK about intriguing premises. But like its also contemporary, SO THAT IS SOMETHING DEFINITELY VERY UNIQUE and… well, curious anyone? Plus the author also mentioned that it has got “is it magic or isn’t it” vibes and YES, THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. 

3. The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

I AM TELLING YOU. JUST GO READ THAT SYNOPSIS AND THEN YOU WILL BE DESPERATE FOR THE BOOK. So, in short, it has a concept for the subplot borrowed somewhat from the Christmas Carol? One fine christmas eve, 5 years ago, three ghosts had visited Holly to try to get her to fix her ways, but she refused. And then she died. But there’s more. There’s Scrooge too, and a company, and stuff happens. Things change. Yes, I’m definitely not doing a good job of explaining this, so i suggest, THE SYNOPSIS.

4. The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

Charlie and Cass are identical twins, but with very different lives. But one fine day, they decide to secretly trade places (EXCITING). The synopsis sounds KIND OF like the princess switch (which, by the way, I AM CURRENTLY VERY MUCH OBSESSED WITH). Oh and did I mention that there’s baking involved? What better way to spend the holidays than huddled up in some blankets, sipping hot cocoa while simultaneously having your mouth water over delicious descriptions of baked CAKE, am I right?

5. A Snowfall of Silver by Laura Wood

Set in 1931, A Snowfall of Silver follows a girl as she runs away from home to pursue her career as an actress. To make things even better, the love interest is a play writer, AND ‘WRITER’ IS EXCITING, OKAY? It’s a book about following your dreams, and its also historical fiction, and yes, SNOW.

6. Little Women

This is the only book in this entire list that I HAVE read, and GAH, I LOVE IT TOO MUCH, OKAY? Jo is basically PERFECTION, just saying. And she is also a writer (love because #relatable) The book starts off with Christmas, and the entire story is just so heartwarming and amazing, and I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THE MOVIE TOO.

7. Girls made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

It is a snow white retelling, along with an evil father, plus a protagonist with a heart made of glass because it was cut out by her dad so long ago she can’t even remember it, and he replaced it with one of glass. And there’s the other girl. Created from snow by a magician. Created to look exactly like her late mother. Yes, fellow olives, I can feel the excitement rolling off you.

8.   Where Dreams Descend by Janelle Angeles

This contains magicians, which is AMAZING on its own. But it takes that excitement and pulls it to a new level. Now, tell me, what do you think of… missing magicians? Yes, that’s right, olives, THIS BOOK – THIS BOOK – has it. There’s also magic and secrets and some mentions of darkness (I LOVE) in the synopsis and also a lot of MYSTERY. And people have also compared it to Caraval and The Night Circus, so yes, that’s something. ALSO, DO YOU SEE THAT COVER?

9.   Down comes the Night by Allison Saft

See that cover, IT GIVES OFF SUCH STRONG WINTER VIBES WHILE ALSO KIND OF REMINDING YOU OF A MIXTURE OF GOLDILOCKS AND HANSEL AND GRETEL. No? Is that just me? *cue awkward throat clearing* BUT it’s fantasy and apparently also has gorgeous writing and enemies-to-lovers romance *melts* AND MAGIC!!! MAGIC IS KEY!!! MAGIC IS EVERYTHING.


Have you read any of these? Are they on your TBR? What do YOU usually do during the winter break? Thoughts on olives and hot cocoa (but eaten/drank individually of course)?? What are some of YOUR favorite books to read during the holiday season?


So here was the second guest post in my blog 🙂 Thank you anoushka for it cuz I had ALMOST stepped out of my 10 day blogging streak :l. Mind ne not detailing much, IM BUSY SO YEAH. Anyway, talk to later, or maybe in the comment section byee!