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The blogger recommendations tag!

Hello Wonderful People!🦋

It’s seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done an award/tag post. I’ve even started to stop writing them down in the list.

But then one day, when I woke up, I opened wp and saw this amazing tag created by miss apple, and it was so cool that I left my unannounced awards and tags hiatus!

Thanks for nominating me Nehal!! It means a lot 🙂

The Blogger Recommendations Tag is essentially a way for bloggers to share some of their favorite bloggers with their readers. It helps the readers discover more blogs and also brings appreciation to the bloggers mentioned.

-Nehal @ Quirky Pages
  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @ Quirky Pages.
  • List the rules.
  • Share one or more bloggers you think fits into each criteria.
  • The people you mention will be considered tagged.
  • Apart from the ones you shared, you can tag other bloggers and notify them.
  • Just have fun!!

The prompts

  1. A fascinating blog theme
  2. A lovely home page
  3. Great book reviews
  4. Amazing humour
  5. Mind-blowing poems and stories
  6. The friendliest
  7. The most consistent
  8. The best at sharing tips
  9. The talented artist
  10. Cool site name
  11. The underrated

1. A fascinating blog theme

Maggie @ Maggie’s doodles– I love her blog! It’s so cute and organized! I don’t know how she can manage doing so much after participating in so many collab blogs!

2. A lovely home page

Sep @ Bookishly yours– As I’ve said before, sep has an amazing homepage too! It has the home feeling, like the library is your home it would be so cool to be in a liibrary right?

3. Great book reviews

It’s been a long time since I’ve read any book review, but the one who’s really regular with book reviews is Hermoine @ Portable Magic– Every review by her is amazing!

Sep @ Bookishly Yours has also started writing book reviews in her book blog instead of poems nowadays! Even though they all (not even “most” “ALL” of them) are 14+ so she’ll never let me read them, but still they are amazing- specially the images she designs for them.

4. Amazing humour

Nehal @ Quirky Pages– even though she’s the creator of this tag, and she has already done it, I’m still tagging her 🙂 Nehal has an amazing humour which we all know. She’s the one who made me use 😇, 🙂 and 🤩 so much, if that counts.

5. Mind-blowing poems and stories

Akshita @ Anthology of Akshita’s thoughts– Akshita’s stories are amazing! The story she has writen for the read write contest, the one for the write in style, wite in 21 contest. They are so cool!

Riddhi @ Poems and Poesies– Riddhi has a whole blog for writing poems! Poems and poesies. Her poems are deep and mind blowing!

Sep @ Bookishly yours– she writes a poem once a week I guess, her flow is amazing and her words rhyme so great!

Simran @ Far From Perfect– Simran writes amazing poems too! They are deep and lovely!

6. The friendliest

Well, most of the bloggers (except those who say “follow my blog” all the time or think that they are so famous that they don’t care about new bloggers) are friendly! So if you’re one of the friendly bloggers, count yourself in 😉

7. The most consistent

Riddhi @ Whispering stories and The Human Book and Poem and Poesies– Yes, she is the only owner of 3 amazing blogs and still is very consistent! She has a post about every day on the human book club and so many posts on her other blogs. She is also a part of a collab blog- Miss America and Us.

Nehal @ Quirky Pages– I keep seeing her posts in my reader too, I think she has 2 posts per week(I guess cause I don’t have time to check the reader right now), but it looks like she has a post every day ZD

8. The best at sharing tips

Pooja D @ Lifesfinewhine and Evin @ A curly Sue’s Ramblings– these two bloggers share very useful tips! Their tips helped me a lot when I was new! There is also a collab blog- LTBL (living the blogging life) You’ll find useful tips there aswell!

9. The talented artist

Shrishty– Shrishty makes amazing artworks in her blog! I found it through one of her comments in my blog and it’s really amazing! She’s inspired me to make a neon artwork which I’ll start today : )

10. Cool site name

This was quite hard. Like, so many sites have cool names, so give me 5 minutes to check our the blog names I know-

*After 1 minute*

Shiney @ MeWrites – MeWrites sounds so gooooood! It sounds really really oficial too, like its been there since years xD I really love this name for some reason

My Golden Shire and Soring Firebolt, are also some amazing site names!

11. The underrated

Suhani @ Random reader’s rambles– She deserved a lot more than she has!! Check out her blog you all, you’re going to love it!

And that’s all! Thank you for reading! Comment below a blogger who is very consistent according to you! What’s 💙+🫐? Comment below!

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Designing and stuff + Some VERY Important Things

Hello Wonderful People!

I wanted to do a post like this since a looooooooong time(not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat long, just a few weeks ago) but I was to busy going through the WP reader that I didn’t get time to write it!😐

I have started writing this post a few minutes ago and it is 12th August. Let’s see when I end it!

Here, in this post we will talk about designing! It only takes me a few minutes to design a cover for my posts, I use the website Canva and it is veryyy useful.

I only use the backgrounds, text, and elements and I seem quite quick at making a normal cover for my post like this~

I really like the background! Wbu?

In canva, there are HUNDREDS of wonderful fonts! Out of them, the ones which I like are-

It really took a lotta time to make this.
If you find my suggestions useful and use them on your blog, please give me credits!

Lemme know your favorite fonts from the comment’s section!!

Some design’s I’ll use regularly!

Page breaks!

Musical Stuff *starts humming*
For Bookish Stuff *stops humming*
For Awards!! I like this!
For Random Stuff *Humming starts again*

What’s the matter with these ‘Hums’?

*Stops Humming* *Finally*

My Sign-off!

yeah, THIS was the ‘important post’ I was talking about here. Because… I had to start using this sign-off from THIS post but…you know.

Now, Some VERY VERY VERYYYYY important things~

  • I am going to have another site!!(Don’t think about this too much, because then your hopes will be broken)
  • I hope you all are aware of the ‘All about me’ contest. I have created the contest on my own, and I am trying to nominate ALL the bloggers I know, but still if you want to do it, it’s an open contest! So you can! And if you do it before 1st September, you get a chance to win a medal and certificate! Note: they all will be online and you must have a blog for that.
  • Lili is on 4rth rank NATIONWIDE! You have to vote for her and make her 1st! Click here to view that post!!
THIS is the part Y’all need to read in Lili’s post and….

FUn fACt- It is written by Lili! (You didn’t know that, or did you?)

No need for ‘UNNECESSARY’ fun fact’s in this post

More Fun fact’s Important Stuff

  • I will not have the Story of the Month from now, I’ll do it occasionally (mostly with competitions) and maybe not in every month as I take a lot of time to write
  • There has not been a SINGLE day when I have got less than 1 visitor after 24th July in my blog *touches wood!* I take it as a huge deal!🎉🥳🎉🥳
  • I will be having a SUPER DAY on my Blog, where I’ll add a new site, new pages and show you all my first award! I’m not sure when I’ll do it but I will, so I might not be posting much these days, I turn small things into so much for no rea
  • I really want y’all to read this post by Evin! I really want you all to know about all the points which she has mentioned! Its always your choice tho.

Her post describes this so well! You need to read it! I’m sure you won’t ever get bored reading her posts!

That’s it!

FUn fACt- I am NOT writng any fun fact’s in this post. Wait.. I think I wrote one…I’ll cross it now.

Goodbye! Stay Happy!

I have finished writing on 16th August (now you know how much time it takes😐)

Editing finished on 17th August finally done, time to schedule!

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What to do when you are BORED?

Hello Wonderful People!

This is a question which most of us have had during vacations and many other times also. Right? So I thought I thought to make a post about it.

NOTE: Read this post carefully! It’s a very important topic for kids!

#1 Planning to make a organizer with cardboard and paper?

  1. 1 week before making it – It’s so boring nowadays and my things are in a mess. I think I should make an organizer for them.
  2. The next day – My idea isn’t bad, I should actually think about it.
  3. The next day – Let’s make it today!(After some time – realizes that I need more material and plan fails)
  4. The day you get the materials – Yippee! I’m soooooooooooo excited! I’ll make it tomorrow.
  5. For the next few days – I really want do make it but it’s too late , I’ll do it tomorrow. (Do you still this you were bored?)
  6. The day before making it – Yay! I will finally make it tomorrow. Let’s do the planning!
  7. The day you are making it(after making) It isn’t perfect but doesn’t look bad! So beautiful!!!
  8. The next few weeks- oops! I think I didn’t apply the glue properly, nevermind, let stick it with tape
  9. Another few weeks – it’s not looking good like this, but it’s usable and fine!
  10. After 2-3 months – It’s so dirty! I am not going to touch it
  11. If little siblings/cousins play there – Noo! It’s broken.
  12. If it survived for one year- Too dirty and broken this is waste I have to throw it!
  13. After a few days of throwing it-It’s so boring nowadays and my things are in a mess. I think I should make an organizer for them.

And it keeps repeating…. 🙄

relatable?😅 tell me in the comments!

#2 Phone, laptop, TV, Tab📱💻🖥

Tell me the truth, aren’t you bored right now? According to my research, I actually did no research but it sounds cool excluding work, people mostly use the phone when they are bored or do not have any interesting work to do. What do you think about this? So, your parents or your caring cousins and siblings must have told you that it’s not good for you eyes. And I don’t think it’s a myth. It definitely effects our eyes. We can use these, but not to much.

#3 Reading Books?

Yep, of course! That’s the best thing you can do but, not in the dark.

Ways reading books becomes bad-

  1. When you are reading books in the dark.
  2. When you are reading it using a device (seriously? Then that kind-of equal to using the devices)

Only 2? I was expecting more😑

Ways reading books is hard –

  1. When you don’t have any and you can’t buy more because of Covid-19.
  2. When you don’t want to read it from any of your devices so that you don’t damage your eyes.
  3. When you chose the wrong book and bought it because it’s cover was nice.(never judge a book by it’s cover)

3 points? That’s better

#4 Studying????

Of course! Studying is good for knowledge also. Now I’m not asking you to take out your books and start learning, If you are just bored and you want to study, you can read your books chapters. I mean, I actually like reading the history chapters of my book. They are like, books that are so true!

#5 Become a writer!

Now I wasn’t going to skip this part, I love writing stories and poems, and I will also share some of my stories in the coming future! You can make a Notebook for yourself, where you can write a story! Or one for writing poems? Its totally your choice what you what to do!

#6 So, what to do?

Play!!!! Yes play! (Not video games) Play indoors, play outdoors, play with family, play with friends. It’s good for health and will keep you happy!

Problems – Solutions

  1. Everyone is busy – make crafts but not those super big ones and play at night, when everyone is not busy
  2. Can’t go out because of Covid-19 – don’t go! Play indoor games
  3. Don’t want to take risk buy indoor games because of Covid-19 – You can buy them through the safe websites online and keep it somewhere out for 1-2 weeks. Sanitize it before use

Don’t you see soo many options in this post? Divide your day into parts and follow them all! If you have any thing you do when you are bored, share it with us in the comments!

P.S.- Sorry for all the crosses in this post.

That’s all, Stay Happy!

The Box of Wonder!