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The Haiku Tag!

Hello Wonderful Readers! 🍀

This is the haiku Tag! Thank you Stara (@The Pool of Thoughts) I was also tagged by Eva @(The Album Of Amazing), aka the creator of this contest! Thank you for tagging me! I’m preparing for a lot of long posts coming up soon, so till then, I’ll be doing these cool awards and tags!

  1. Tag Eva @album of amazing.
  2. Mention the person who tags you.
  3. Add the rules to your post.
  4. Pick 2 topics to write 2 Haikus.
  5. Tag alteast 5 people.
  6. HAVE FUN!❤❤

The haiku is a Japanese poetic form that consists of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. The haiku developed from the hokku, the opening three lines of a longer poem known as a tanka. The haiku became a separate form of poetry in the 17th century.


I’d written the same definition in this post, if it feels like you’ve read this before XD

The Haiku’s-

The topics I’ve chosen are nature and music, here are the haiku’s-


Flowers, lands, rivers and all
The precious gift given by god
Nature, is what it's called


In the dictionary of words
All we need is this 5-lettered word

To change our depressing world

I’m not that good at haiku’s, but this is all I could think *🤷🏻‍♀️* How are they?

I nominate:

Thank you for reading! Comment below: F+L+ 👁

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Celebration #3 + The read write contest badges

How could I forget it‽ anyways, I finally remembered

Hello Wonderful Readers! ✨

So, last year (fine, November), after getting 100+ followers, you all advices me to do an assumptions post, so here it is! You can share your assumptions about me, in the comments section, and I’ll answer them in another post!

  1. The minimum number of assumptions is 1, aaand the maximum is 1000000000183023, no more please 🙂
  2. It’s not *compulsory* to ask assumptions, your choice!
  3. you could also send your assumptions over Google chat if you like!

So go ahead, and ask your assumptions in the comments!

The Read-Write contest Badges

The read write contest was a very VERY successful contest for me, I don’t remember exactly but I did get a good amount of entries, and in this post, I even reached 100+ comments! I announced the results here, and I completely forgot about the badges


So I decided to add them in this post. Thank you canva for helping me do it all before Tuesday

make sure to read this post in my site, it’s the best 🙂

click here for that!

The participation certificates-

It was a lot of work- much more than you think.

Cool posts and Best Story awards-

So that’s all for the post! Do comment your assumptions about me! (Strict rule: maximum number of assumptions is 1000000000183023) And do appreciate me for the huge work of making and copy pasting adding the badges in this post 😇

What’s 💎+ na + (🥁 minus[-] drum)

hint: 🤸‍♀️

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The blogger recommendations tag!

Hello Wonderful People!🦋

It’s seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done an award/tag post. I’ve even started to stop writing them down in the list.

But then one day, when I woke up, I opened wp and saw this amazing tag created by miss apple, and it was so cool that I left my unannounced awards and tags hiatus!

Thanks for nominating me Nehal!! It means a lot 🙂

The Blogger Recommendations Tag is essentially a way for bloggers to share some of their favorite bloggers with their readers. It helps the readers discover more blogs and also brings appreciation to the bloggers mentioned.

-Nehal @ Quirky Pages
  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @ Quirky Pages.
  • List the rules.
  • Share one or more bloggers you think fits into each criteria.
  • The people you mention will be considered tagged.
  • Apart from the ones you shared, you can tag other bloggers and notify them.
  • Just have fun!!

The prompts

  1. A fascinating blog theme
  2. A lovely home page
  3. Great book reviews
  4. Amazing humour
  5. Mind-blowing poems and stories
  6. The friendliest
  7. The most consistent
  8. The best at sharing tips
  9. The talented artist
  10. Cool site name
  11. The underrated

1. A fascinating blog theme

Maggie @ Maggie’s doodles– I love her blog! It’s so cute and organized! I don’t know how she can manage doing so much after participating in so many collab blogs!

2. A lovely home page

Sep @ Bookishly yours– As I’ve said before, sep has an amazing homepage too! It has the home feeling, like the library is your home it would be so cool to be in a liibrary right?

3. Great book reviews

It’s been a long time since I’ve read any book review, but the one who’s really regular with book reviews is Hermoine @ Portable Magic– Every review by her is amazing!

Sep @ Bookishly Yours has also started writing book reviews in her book blog instead of poems nowadays! Even though they all (not even “most” “ALL” of them) are 14+ so she’ll never let me read them, but still they are amazing- specially the images she designs for them.

4. Amazing humour

Nehal @ Quirky Pages– even though she’s the creator of this tag, and she has already done it, I’m still tagging her 🙂 Nehal has an amazing humour which we all know. She’s the one who made me use 😇, 🙂 and 🤩 so much, if that counts.

5. Mind-blowing poems and stories

Akshita @ Anthology of Akshita’s thoughts– Akshita’s stories are amazing! The story she has writen for the read write contest, the one for the write in style, wite in 21 contest. They are so cool!

Riddhi @ Poems and Poesies– Riddhi has a whole blog for writing poems! Poems and poesies. Her poems are deep and mind blowing!

Sep @ Bookishly yours– she writes a poem once a week I guess, her flow is amazing and her words rhyme so great!

Simran @ Far From Perfect– Simran writes amazing poems too! They are deep and lovely!

6. The friendliest

Well, most of the bloggers (except those who say “follow my blog” all the time or think that they are so famous that they don’t care about new bloggers) are friendly! So if you’re one of the friendly bloggers, count yourself in 😉

7. The most consistent

Riddhi @ Whispering stories and The Human Book and Poem and Poesies– Yes, she is the only owner of 3 amazing blogs and still is very consistent! She has a post about every day on the human book club and so many posts on her other blogs. She is also a part of a collab blog- Miss America and Us.

Nehal @ Quirky Pages– I keep seeing her posts in my reader too, I think she has 2 posts per week(I guess cause I don’t have time to check the reader right now), but it looks like she has a post every day ZD

8. The best at sharing tips

Pooja D @ Lifesfinewhine and Evin @ A curly Sue’s Ramblings– these two bloggers share very useful tips! Their tips helped me a lot when I was new! There is also a collab blog- LTBL (living the blogging life) You’ll find useful tips there aswell!

9. The talented artist

Shrishty– Shrishty makes amazing artworks in her blog! I found it through one of her comments in my blog and it’s really amazing! She’s inspired me to make a neon artwork which I’ll start today : )

10. Cool site name

This was quite hard. Like, so many sites have cool names, so give me 5 minutes to check our the blog names I know-

*After 1 minute*

Shiney @ MeWrites – MeWrites sounds so gooooood! It sounds really really oficial too, like its been there since years xD I really love this name for some reason

My Golden Shire and Soring Firebolt, are also some amazing site names!

11. The underrated

Suhani @ Random reader’s rambles– She deserved a lot more than she has!! Check out her blog you all, you’re going to love it!

And that’s all! Thank you for reading! Comment below a blogger who is very consistent according to you! What’s 💙+🫐? Comment below!

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Cookie lover award!

Hey Wonderful People!!

So If I haven’t told you before, then I’ll not be posting on Thursdays from now, at least not till December, just to save you from me, 2 day per week shall be enough😎

Click here to read this post on my site! Amazing, let’s start!

So today I’m doing another award, thanks a lot to Heidi for the nomination! The link were already ready for me in Heidi’s post, so extra thanks!! Also, ty Rachel, for the nomination! You can check out their blog and do follow it if you want! they are amazing


Designed by Maggie!! She has created this amazing award!

This award was a really creative one! I enjoyed doing it. It was pretty long, so I didn’t want to add more awards and tags in this. heh.


  • Thank the person/fellow cookie lover who nominated you! (or whose blog you found out about this award through)
  • Answer the cookie-related questions and add one of your own!
  • Share some pictures of cookies you adore! (can be pics you’ve taken or ones from online, just be sure to give credit where credit is due.)
  • Nominate 5 or more bloggers who love cookies and leave an open nomination for every cookie lover around the world!


What are your top three favorite types of cookies?

Chocolate, OREOS and Choco chip cookies🍪🍪

I haven’t ate macaroons yet…so..yeah.

I don’t realyyyyyy remember…. I am cookie-free these days.

I would be a walnut snowball cookie. First of all, Because it has been rated 1 STAR, that means that people wont like me, and I have a chance of NOT being eaten. 😀 Second, because of the first point, the whole walnut snowball cookie nation would be very proud of me, and I will rule them, and become the queen of all. Don’t you DARE to tell them about my awesome plan. *looks at sarcastic people like Nehal* 🙂

Why do you love cookies?

I love cookies because they are just so sweet! And they have an awesome smell. And the taste too!

I don’t like salty cookies, they just ruin the taste.

I have only made one kind of cookie, which is Choco Chip Cookies.

Chocolate cookie, of course🙂🙂!

Umm….no, but I miiiiiiight

I want the ceiling fan to be cookie themed, so that whenever it rotates, I see an awesome cookie. 🍪

Rachel‘s Question: What do you like most about cookies?

I LOVE the colour, taste and SMELL of cookies!

Betty’s Question: Choco chip cookies or Oreo’s/Cream cookies?(according to your current mood😆)

I like oreos a LOT, but if I have to chose one of them, I will choose Choco chip cookie. they are much better! 😋🍴🍪😋😊

And that was my question👆🏻

Cookies I adore

Yes these are Oreos. I love oreos with milk!

Click on the image to visit the source.

Here are all the questions you need to answer, you don’t need to spend a lot of time copy-pasting them!

  • What are your top three favorite types of cookies?
  • What’s a cookie you haven’t tried yet but REALLY want to?
  • What’s the last type of cookie you ate?
  • If you were a cookie, which kind would you be and why? (i.e. chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, macaroon, peanut butter, etc)
  • Why do you love cookies?
  • Flora‘s Question: What’s one cookie you’re not so keen on (you dislike)?
  • Haley‘s Questions: What is the best cookie recipe you’ve made?
  • Tanatswa‘s Question: If you could make a three tier cookie desert, which cookie would be on your first tier?
  • Heidi‘s Question: Have you ever mixed brownie batter and cookie dough to make brookies/crownies?
  • Shiney‘s Questions:  if you could have one piece of cookie-themed furniture, what would it be? (random I know!)
  • Rachel‘s Question: What do you like most about cookies?
  • Betty’s Question: Choco chip cookies or Oreo’s/Cream cookies?


I’m not sure who to nominate for this award, because 1. It’s a really big award, so you might not wanna do it, it’ll take time answering so many questions, and if you don’t have time, you can’t do it, I understand it. And it’s okay!

So I decide, that whoever comments on this post before 24th November (aka tommorow), will be nominated! I’ll edit this post tomorrow and add the nominees!

Bye peopleeeee! Stay happyy!

P.S. – Me is still working on the signoff.

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Time for some awards and tagssssssssssssssssss

Hello, Wonderful People!!

So today, finally I’ll be doing some awards and tags, for which I had been nominated during my hiatus! Thanks to, Stara, Sid and Simran for nominating me!

I didn’t want this post to get too long, so I’ll be doing 3 tags per post. And I’m really not having a good memory, 🙂 if you nominated me and I missed your nomination please let me know about it in the comments!

In this post, I’ll be doing –

  • The single line story challenge – nominated by Stara and Jahnavi!
  • The Aesthete Blogger award– nominated by Sid!
  • And the Giphy-Love tag – nominated by Simran!

The Single line story Challenge!

  • Thank the person who nominated you/Mention whose blog you found this on
  • Include the rules and badge in your post
  • Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you can pick which ones you do!):
    • fantasy
    • romance
    • thriller
    • mystery
    • western
    • contemporary
    • historical
    • drama
    • dystopian
    • adventure
    • sci-fi
    • paranormal
    • young adult
  • You can choose 5 genres that’s easiest for you, or you can challenge yourself to try something new!
  • Nominate 5 blogger/writers who you’d love to see participate and leave an open nomination for all writers!
  • You can do this challenge more than once

So thank you to Stara @ The Pool Of Thoughts and Jahnavi @Love13Reading for nominating me, and thanks to Maggie @ Maggie’s Doodles for creating this challenge !! Its an really interesting challenge! I had a lot of fun doing it!

Here are my 5 single line stories! –

Adventure – Dogs always scared me, little did I know then, that this would happen.

Fantasy – The fairies weren’t able to fly, it was a huge problem until she spotted out that silly thing I did.

Historical– Nobody even touched that painting and after what happened, even after centuries have passed.

Romance – I knew we couldn’t break apart just like that, we lived together, and died together.

Thriller – They never did, and will never believe that why he stole the diamond ring.

Weird stories. Yes, I know. ZD

I nominate-

Yeppp! I nominate you too if you like to do this! Do link back to this post so that I can read your post!

The Aesthete Blogger Award! #1

  • Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Show some love to the one who nominated you!
  • Mention the creator (Ashmita@ the Fictional Journal) and link it back to the original post.
  • Tell me a something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favourite form of creativity?
  • Nominate 7 lovely people and notify them by commenting on their posts; spread some love!
  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.Share something you created. (can be anything!)And lastly, just so you know: I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!

So Sid @ Musings of a Curious mind nominated me for this award! She is an really really sweet blogger and she always supported me when I was a new blogger! Check out her amazing blog here!

Also, thanks so to Ashmita @ the fictional Journal for creating the tag!! I had a lot of fun doing it!!

Something about the Earth I admire

I love the beauty of trees and flowers, and sunset and sunrise and everything! This is the reason I love photography! If you just go out one day and look at the plants, trees the sky and everything, you’ll fall in love with nature!!

Photo by Andre Furtado on

These questions are taken from Sneh’s blog! Sid has passed them!

1) Do you like photography ? Share 1 photo of the best picture you have taken.


Here’s one of my recent photos –

It’s nice. Isn’t it? I took from my car in a rainy day!

I’ll be sharing more photos taken by me in one of my future posts!

2) What is one thing you love about your blog ?

I love the appearance of my Blog! Whenever I see it, I remember how much time I took to decorate it!

I love self praising

*looks at Sid* (she has been self-praising herself from a long longgg time ZD)

3) Who is your favorite blogger on WordPress ? mention 3 bloggers whose blogs you like a lot

Let’s just skip this question.

No. I have to find a way out

My favorite bloggers are all those who I nominate! I only nominate those bloggers I like, and I have made a list of bloggers to nominate so they all know I like them!!!

My favorite 3 bloggers are-

Me, my nominees, those I nominate, those who drop sweet comments in my blog

Hehe no one’s disappointed for not seeing their name here ZDDD

4) What is your favorite sport ?

I like Badminton, (who doesn’t) Football(a lil bit), cricket and golf! But my favorite sport is definitely badminton!

Done answering Questions! Time to nominate!

~> For this award, I nominate-

~> My questions for this award are-

  1. When do you usually listen to songs?
  2. Which book would you recommend to people who don’t read books?
  3. What would be your site’s name if not what it is now.
  4. What are you obsessed with?

The Giphy-love tag! #2

I love this award so much! It was the first award/tag I was ever nominated for!! It’s my second time doing it!

This time, Simran @ Far from Perfect nominated me! Thank you soo much to Nehal and Tiction for creating this award!

  • Mention the creators Tiction and Nehal.
  • Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog.
  • Use the tag #gif-y-love and choose a GIF you love for each of the provided
    • I’m bored 😴
    • Current Mood 😃
    • Reading 📚
    • Sarcastic 🙂
    • Spongebob 🧽
    • Angry 😠
    • Scared 😨
    • Laughing 😅
  • Tag at least 5 people!

I’m Bored

Current Mood







Yaayyy! Done! I nominate-

The first 3 people to comment on these post will be nominated for any 1 award/tag they choose! So go, and drop a comment it you wanna!

What’s 💀+ betty + s

It’s a few week passed halloween time! So here’s a spooky question for you 🎃

Stay Safe, stay happy!


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Quote of the Month + Theme of the Month + A bit discussion about my re-designed blog!

Hello Wonderful People!

A lotta things in the title, but I will be adding dots to make it longer because it is actually small

Remember I asked you to give votes for ‘which theme should I put in my blog? (You need to say yes 🤷🏻‍♀️) Well, finally….

There was like a.. huge, huge, HUGEEE war (I just don’t understand WhY I call it WAr) between Scratchpad and button 2

Like, literally.. I was 99.9% sure there will be a tie, and who knows…. if it was a tie…..or not..

Here’s the FINAL result –

































































Scratchpad won by TWO votes!!!

I am not going to tell you about at ALL because..

Quote of the month

What do you think of this? Comment below!

I got my Theme-!

I just love the way its designed 😻

If you are waiting for a long paragraph explaining this, then

Okay, here is an idea –

YOU need to tell me what YOU think it means. The blogger who explains this the best would get a shout out in my next (or maybe next to next) post, and that comment would be added on my sidebar with the link to that person’s blog!


P.S.- I am not using my self-designed sepraters because its a looooooooooong way down in the media library, so I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight do it sometimes but not ALWAYS


P.S. 3- I am increasing my hiatus, I don’t know till when, but I’ll still publish the IMpOrtANt posts (like wrap ups)

P.s. 4- Do you think I am too obsessed with GIF’s today?

P.S. 5- Do you I’m also obsessed with P.S,’s today?

P.S. 4 – Don’t forget to explain the meaning of the theme of the month in the comments!

P.S. 5 – I just wanted to tell you that I won’t be too active in WordPress(including reader) for a few days, so don’t mind if I don’t comment on your posts, or reply to your comments late.

Comment below!

What is- S+🚫(ticky?)

And………….we are at the end of this post! My next post is (probably) going to answer the questions you asked(don’t mind if it’s published late)! So HURRY UP and ask your questions quickly 💨

Click on that link to view that post –

Or just click here

I haven’t even started making the post for answering the questions yet I’ll need to do it soon.😬😬

Oh and I forgot to tell you, that…


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Write In Style, Write In 21!

Woo-hoo!! Happy happy HAPPY birthday Saumya! 🎂🎉 Stay Happy and Stay Safe! I’ll do my best to participate in this competition after some time!!

If anyone else would like to, they can also participate! Just go to the original post!!

Stay Happy and let me know if you found this useful!

Let me know in the comments-

What is 😂 + P

This is gonna be tricky 😈😈😈

Stay Happy and let me know if you found this useful!!


It's the 21st of the month, it's 2021, it's the 21st century and I just turned 14!!(Wish it was 21 here as well) 

Hey there! The big day is here! I know it’s my birthday and I should be the one getting presents but I have planned a wonderful thing for you. I wanted to gift something to the amazing WordPress community and I had been thinking about this for quite some time. I will try a posting another special birthday post next week!!

I have come up with a very interesting Contest for you guys! You must read the following rules and steps to know more about the challenge.


The rules are easy-peasy lemon-squeazy. You have to write a poem or story in 21 words. Remember, only poems or stories will be considered. If you have read my Seven Word Stories, you probably have the…

View original post 459 more words

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Random Contest 5 + Poem of the week!

This image is made by Inaya. All credits to here

Hello Wonderful People!

This is the random contest week 5 by the awesome blogger inaya! And I love her contests! If you want, you can also participate in it!

So the competition is of writing a poem of the topic ‘nature’ or ‘friendship’ ! I will write it on the topic ‘nature’.

Oh yes, before that, I wanna announce, this is also the poem of the month!

Yep, now we’re ready to start.


Family and friends, and those you love,

They all are so sweet, like a white dove,

But also look around, look at the sky,

the magical world you’ve entered! Do say ‘hi

The little sweet birds fly around

Hear their beautiful chirping sound

Then look over there, a beautiful rainbow!

How well everything, the nature shows!

Things are so beautiful, no time to blink eyes!

Here the little butterfly merrily flies!

The droplet of rain touch your hand,

And on the ground, they quietly land,

we use them as puddles and jump around!

how well with nature, we have bound!

Our Earth, it is all around,

It is smaller than the sun,

But look inside, it is so much fun,

Not on the chair, sit on the big stone,

Not with you phone, sit all alone,

look straight at the shinning light,

Wow! It is, what a wonderful sight!

The clouds look golden, with the sun’s reflection

And after looking at this much, you are not done!

Isn’t looking at the nature not so fun?!

This is short right? The thing is… My brain isn’t working 😕 so yeah, enjoy this the way it is!

But still, I have written this right on the spot!!

Stay happy and LOVE the NATURE!


Note: This poem is completely written by me and it belongs completely to me, you can not use it without my permission and without giving the credits with the link to this post and my blog. If you do, I can take a legal action.

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💙The GIF-y love tag💙

Heywo! Wonderful people!

I am so glad that Sid nominated me for a Contest! Thank you so much Sid! That means so much to me! You can also check out her posts and her blog! She is a brilliant blogger and she supported my blog from the start!

Rachie had also nominated me for the contest, but after Sid. Her blog is great! I discovered it a few days ago. She is a beginner like me, you can see check out her blog too!


->Mention the creators Tiction and Nehal.

->Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog.

->Use the tag #gif-y-love and choose a GIF you love for each of the provided prompts.

->Tag at least 5 people,

[The link to Sid’s blog]

[The link to Rachie’s blog]

right, so let’s start!!

Current mood-




Sponge Bob



Nominations !

I nominate-




Priyamvada Tyagi




And thats it. It was a short post right? I hope you enjoyed it anyway! If you haven’t done it yet, you MUST do it! I nominate all of you! It’s going to be very fun!!!

wow! I just realized their are so many links here! And also no crossess!! Good job to me!

Here you go, a cross

Stay Happy!


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Yep, so let’s stop using Capital letters…

Hello Wonderful People!


Soo… Now I’ll write like a good girl.

This is the first competition I’ll participate in! Thanks a very very very very very much to Inaya! I found it from her blog and It is open for everyone so I thought to do it!!!!! You Must Check out her blog!


  • Thank the person who nominated you with the link to their blog. Make a post of the award (with photo).
  • Post the rules.
  • Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.
  • Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.
  • Follow Vincent Ehindero to qualify for a free blog promotion, shoutout and more blogging opportunities.

Here’s The image!

Inaya’s Questions!

If you had the option, which would you choose: Fame or millionaire?

I would choose Fame. Not just like that. It has a deeeeep meaning. If you get money, people will be jealous of you, maybe no one would like you, you would have money, but not true happiness. Fame will give you happiness and friends. And if you really need money, don’t you think fame can help you? So, I choose Fame.

Which book did you dislike so much, that you left it in the middle?

Umm…. I don’t think there is any book I’ve hated so much. Knowing that someone has made efforts for that is enough for liking it (for me)

When was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried, was probably before I started blogging, because of my sibling (little siblings are annoying right? 🙄) But, after I started Blogging, I was soo happy that I never thought of crying and even if I did cry, I don’t remember *realizes that I am having a bad memory*

When do usually go to sleep?

U…I.. umm.. go to sleep at night? Umm.. Sorry for that stupid joke. I go to sleep at

9:00pm- when I want to wake up early (exam days)

10:00pm- when I don’t know when to wake up the next day

10:30pm- Fridays and Saturdays, Lovely dreams 🌙

Why do you like blogging?

I like blogging because I like blogging! What’s going on with me? I like blogging because it’s fun! A good way to spend time and make friends! Blogging relaxes my mind and makes me happy! Plus, when you get a new follower, it feels like there are people who appreciate you and that’s just so nice!

Where do you really want to travel to?

I would like to travel to MaRS Mars! Which means, life will be possible on Mars! And if life would be possible on Mars, we would get the space of a whole planet to live in! (That’s my weird imagination)

Who was your first blog follower? Share their blog’s link.

My first follower? I was waiting for this question! (It gave me the idea of a post it’s a surprise what it’s about!) My first follower was Chris @ Chris The Story Reading Ape! Thank you for following me!!!!!!

My Nominations!

I nominate-











Kait King

Anyone who…. likes to watch…um….u….ummmm TV?

Anyone who is interested!

That’s enough, right?

(I almost forgot to attach the links 😅. I’ll do it now)

My Questions!

  1. If you could only read 1 book for the rest of your life, which book would it be?
  2. You is the one who respects you more than you respect her/him
  3. What is the thing you hate about the world?
  4. Why have you ever cried?
  5. Who had really given you the help you needed when you started blogging?
  6. If you could only talk to one person who would it be?
  7. Who are the ones you don’t want to live without?
  8. Who do you think, truly cares for you?
  9. Is there a blogger, who you have met in real life?
  10. Would you like to write books or would you read books?

I can’t have more questions 😐