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Agatha Oddly – Series Review (book by Lena jones) // Hopefully Spoiler-free

(Tiny spoiler alert)

In the afternoon, we have history (which I enjoy), computer programming (which Liam enjoys) and ballroom dancing (which nobody on earth enjoys).

Murder At The Museum (Agatha Oddly #2)

(Tiny spoiler over)

🌈Hello Wonderful Readers!

I’ve finished this amazing series of Agatha Oddlow a few weeks ago, and it’s soOo good, I obviously had to write a review on it!

Basically, It’s about a girl named Agatha Oddlow (named after Agatha Christie) , who loves solving mysteries and each book has one big mystery which she solved. Apart of that, in the three books, she wants to find out if her mother actually dies in an accident, or there is something else behind it, and she does get an answer at the very end. She doesn’t have many friends, just two best friends, and lives with her dad, who is a Gardner.

Books Involved~

There are only 3 books in this series- The Secret Key, Murder at the Museum and The silver serpent and there are only about 200 pages in each book. I did expect more, after the third book, but it isn’t out..

  1. The Secret Key (Agatha Oddly #1) by Lena Jones
  2. Murder at the Museum (Agatha Oddly #2) by Lena Jones
  3. The Silver Serpent (Agatha Oddly #3) by Lena Jones


Isn’t it obvious?

Thirteen‐year‐old Agatha Oddlow (or Oddly, as other people like to call her) is a bold, determined heroine, and the star of a stylish new detective series. With her Oddlow Agency detective company and her best friend Liam Lau at her side, she’s perfectly poised to solve the mystery of what’s going on. Agatha Oddlow .

OK, yes, I copied that. 😬


There are a good numbers of characters in the series altogether, not really that much though. Like any normal school books, there is a group of arrogant students (CC’s) and Agatha’s friend, Liam. Then her teachers, who don’t really like Agatha skipping school because of her cases. Her dad is a the main Gardner of a park, and JP, a homeless friend of Agatha lived there.


The writing style was pretty good in this book. It was mainly humorous or sad and sometime serious. The sentences were, well normal-sized? And the words would be simple to understand for you, probably.

Things I disliked about the series~

The only thing I didn’t like was that she had to wait so long to know all about her mum, which was a bit disappointing, but it was probably worth it.

So that was the review, it was a pretty good book series and I enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you read it!

PS: Offline school started a week ago, and it’s so fun going offline again! that’s also the reason I’ll be having onw post per week from now, and on Tuesday, I hope you understand, I hope I’ll be active like I was before soon, stay tuned!

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~{Santosphere day 1}~ Let’s play Secret Santa!

Hello Wonderful people! Happy Day 1 of Santosphere!

If you don’t know about Santosphere(the blogging version), It’s nothing but just MY version of blogmas. Please don’t use the term “Santosphere” for blogmas in your blog because it’s copyrighted, in my blog.

Click here, to check out all the Santosphere post I’ve written till now!

Please CLICK HERE before reading the post to know more about this blog post series!

I really really wanted to host a game in my blog, and when the blogmas season begun, I REALLY wanted to host a Christmassy game for all of you!

Sooo, surprise surprise! Here’s a game!

How will we play this game?

There are 5 simple steps-

  1. You need to fill the provided form
  2. You’ll get a email on 20st Dec about your secret Santa buddy
  3. You need to prepare a gift for your buddy, a card, a poem or anything else, virtually or not, by you!
  4. Your partner does the same, then you both reply to the email you got by me, with that card or whatever you gave to your secret Santa buddy (by 22nd dec)
  5. And they would be displayed publicly on my blog, with full credits to you!
  6. Dont worry if you don’t get it, I’ll tell you all about it in the email you get on 20th too!


If that link doesn’t work, click here.

I am really looking forwrd to your entries, I hope it works! Your participation would mean a LOT. It reallly would, so please do!

The biggest shout out goes to Aamy @ Aamy’s Imaginations for inspiring me to have secret santa, I never knew about it before her post, and yes, the rules are the same as they were in her post! Please check out her blog! And she reached 100 followers!!

So that’s all! If I don’t get more than 6 people participating, I’ll not display them on a separate post, so let’s hope we get them by 20th! But you all – participants, will get a shout out!

Santa’s Question today!:

PS- Sorry for being inactive on WordPress, and chat, and Gmail. I’ll catch up soon but I’m really sorry for making you all wait for my replies. The reason is- that I got ill. I also missed doing so many guest posts and I don’t think I can do them now, if I can, then let me know! I have also redesigned my blog, which was accidently scheduled for yesterday instead of today so do check it out here (opens in a new tab!)!


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And we hit a century 😀

Hi, wonderful people.

Should I scream? Shout I shout? I can’t be so calm!

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Well, well, well. This was my reaction when I got that notification thingy. Rn, I’m normal, and slightly obsessed with “😀” and “😁” .

So, I thought that we could do something like assumptions or questions, but It’s already done for celebration #1 and I’m not repeating it for celebration #3. So then, I thought I could do a photography reveal, art book reveal, and many crazy ideas are going on in my head 😳 I don’t know what to do so I decided to ask, you, my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious community!

So, what should I do? How to celebrate 100 followers?

A assumption post, some sort of reveal, or anything else?

Oh and yes, we could have a blog party too! 100 followers is not a small achievement anyway. I was going to have a blog party when I had 20+ 🙂

Anyways, give me your suggestions right here. (In the comments) 🙂

And don’t worry, I do have a *proper* thank you post ok?

What’s S +👆🏻 +R? Comment below!!

These questions are getting tricky! Last time, for 💀+betty+s, the answer was diabetes, figure out how! Let’s see if you guess today’s answer. *evil smile*

Stay safe, stay happy!


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P.S.- This is my 48th post on this blog! I wish it was the 50th or 100th. Anyways.

P.S.S.- I’m really really excited for winter. ITS COMING! what about you?