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Celebration #3 + The read write contest badges

How could I forget it‽ anyways, I finally remembered

Hello Wonderful Readers! ✨

So, last year (fine, November), after getting 100+ followers, you all advices me to do an assumptions post, so here it is! You can share your assumptions about me, in the comments section, and I’ll answer them in another post!

  1. The minimum number of assumptions is 1, aaand the maximum is 1000000000183023, no more please 🙂
  2. It’s not *compulsory* to ask assumptions, your choice!
  3. you could also send your assumptions over Google chat if you like!

So go ahead, and ask your assumptions in the comments!

The Read-Write contest Badges

The read write contest was a very VERY successful contest for me, I don’t remember exactly but I did get a good amount of entries, and in this post, I even reached 100+ comments! I announced the results here, and I completely forgot about the badges


So I decided to add them in this post. Thank you canva for helping me do it all before Tuesday

make sure to read this post in my site, it’s the best 🙂

click here for that!

The participation certificates-

It was a lot of work- much more than you think.

Cool posts and Best Story awards-

So that’s all for the post! Do comment your assumptions about me! (Strict rule: maximum number of assumptions is 1000000000183023) And do appreciate me for the huge work of making and copy pasting adding the badges in this post 😇

What’s 💎+ na + (🥁 minus[-] drum)

hint: 🤸‍♀️


Hi there! I'm Betty- The owner of "The box of wonder" blog, a member of a collaborative blog, and the creator of another collaborative blog which us going to be launched on April (wow all this sounds so cool and professional 😆) I'm an introvert, and I like blogging and playing my piano (we really need to name it help me *puppy eyes*) Thanks for being here! Hope you're one to stay! :D

29 thoughts on “Celebration #3 + The read write contest badges

  1. Ooh, those badges look so cute, Betty! I really liked them! And I am thinking about printing out the one with my name. BeCaUsE mEmOrIEs… Thank you!

    And here are my assumptions:
    You are short.
    You are a banana.
    You are a sweet soul, but when someone insults those you love, you become fire…
    You love being enthusiastic and love it when others are too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on 100 followers!!
    -You love spending time outdoors
    -You like listening to music
    -And you want to have a pet someday
    That’s all I can think of for now, once again congrats!!🎉🎉🎉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Imagine if everyone sent you 1000000000183023 assumptions! 😂 That would be a lot of work! I won’t give you 1000000000183023, but I’ll do 5 instead.
    Blogging is one of your favorite hobbies and things to do when you have nothing else to do.
    You enjoy art.
    You are an animal person.
    Your favorite holiday is either Christmas or Halloween.
    You like to read.
    You are looking forward to writing this post.
    Oh, that was six…oh well! 🙃
    Also, the badges look ✨AMAZING✨!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh Betty those badges look gorgeous!! Congratulations on 100 followers!!! Here’s my assumptions:
    1. You are an alien from mars
    2. You love dogs
    3. You laugh a lot and are a fun person to be around
    4. You love telling stories

    Liked by 1 person

  5. i just commented 1000000000183023 assumptions but it crashed my phone 😔🤚
    so i’ll send 3 instead 🤣
    you LOVE making blog graphics!
    you have fun laughing
    you’d rather wear converse than high heels
    i love those participation badges you made!! 💖

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Wow the badges are really nice and I can tell that it took some time to put all of them in this post! Great job! Here are my assumptions about you:
    1. You have a pet
    2. You like listening to music
    3. You don’t like k-pop
    4. You have long hair
    5. You are very nice
    6. You are a dog person
    That is all I had and lol! The maximum is 1000000000183023! XD great job!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. You are a sweet pea from inside but a badass girl from inside (totally random)
    You eat food when you feel sad
    These are my assumptions!
    Also, thank you so much for the award and the badges are so pretttyyy!! Love ya 😍😊

    Liked by 2 people

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