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Christmas themed book recommendations by Anoushka!

It is that time of the year again when white snow falls through your window and magic coats the air as well as all the wonderful book covers sitting peacefully on your bookshelf.

Everyone runs to the neartest candy shop to kidnap as many candy canes as we can possibly get our hands on. There’s snow ball fights and snow angels and more snow ball fights. And there’s also gifts (SO MANY OF THEM) and amazing FOOD (!!!) and HUGE CHRISTMAS TREES that cannot fit through the doorway because we turned into extremely excited little humans and forgot to measure the height (oops) And did I mention snow ball fights? I don’t think I did. BUT, in other words, THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR has arrived, the holiday season has began and the Christmas craze is ON!

Now, I know what youre thinking. ‘But, Anoushka, I’m not allowed to go out because – COVID! I’m not allowed to run out the frozen doorway and stick my tongue out and swallow a delicious little snowflake (which is honestly so sad), or do anything else, because COVID.’ I KNOW. And THAT, innocent little olives, is the reason I have brought along… olives. I mean, SOLUTIONS.

BUT wait a second. Since sweet little Betty asked me to provide a brief introduction, lets get to that BEFORE we start with the snow ball fights (because we might get very umm… intense, and forget about said intro and we do not want that)

So. I’m Anoushka, fellow olive and bookwom extraordinaire. I blog over at dipped in ink (or at least pretend to), a book blog (okay, who am I kidding? Its more of an olive-advertising blog at this point, but we need to keep the readers interested through some ‘slight’ mind manipulations, don’t we?) THANKS SO MUCH TO BETTY FOR LETTING ME DO A GUEST POST ON HER WONDERFUL BLOG, IN HONOR OF SANTOSPHERE!

And with all of that out of the way, we can start with the real REASON I’M HERE. As in – THE SNOW BALL FIGHT. Disguised in the form of Christmas themed books for you to DEVOUR AND FALL IN LOVE WITH. No, no, I wasn’t babbling like a lunatic about that snow ball fight for so long. I told you, IN DISGUISE. We can always hurl the book recs at each other accompanied with lots of screaming, and call it a very successful book ball fight. yes.


Disclaimer: I haven’t read *any* of these books, but due research has been conducted. Selected on the basis of synopsis, reviews from fellow bloggers and goodreads members, as well as some late night google searches. Photos link back to goodreads synopsis. Most books are from the YA category since that is the majority of what I usually read! Recommendations ready for take off.

1.       Recommended for You by Laura Silverman

So let us, for a moment, get this straight. THIS BOOK IS SET IN A BOOKSHOP. and a bookshop = heaven for every single bookworm out there = a place we could spend the rest of our LIVES in = TRUE LOVE FOR ETERNITY GUARANTEED. That is reason enough to read it. BUT I can see some of you suspicious little beans out there, so umm, some more delicious reasons? It contains Jewish representation, and also RIVALS-TO-LOVERS ROMACE, and did I ever mention that IT. IS. SET. IN. A. BOOKSTORE?

2. Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

A beauty and the best retelling SET AT A BOARDING SCHOOL. I mean, TALK about intriguing premises. But like its also contemporary, SO THAT IS SOMETHING DEFINITELY VERY UNIQUE and… well, curious anyone? Plus the author also mentioned that it has got “is it magic or isn’t it” vibes and YES, THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. 

3. The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

I AM TELLING YOU. JUST GO READ THAT SYNOPSIS AND THEN YOU WILL BE DESPERATE FOR THE BOOK. So, in short, it has a concept for the subplot borrowed somewhat from the Christmas Carol? One fine christmas eve, 5 years ago, three ghosts had visited Holly to try to get her to fix her ways, but she refused. And then she died. But there’s more. There’s Scrooge too, and a company, and stuff happens. Things change. Yes, I’m definitely not doing a good job of explaining this, so i suggest, THE SYNOPSIS.

4. The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

Charlie and Cass are identical twins, but with very different lives. But one fine day, they decide to secretly trade places (EXCITING). The synopsis sounds KIND OF like the princess switch (which, by the way, I AM CURRENTLY VERY MUCH OBSESSED WITH). Oh and did I mention that there’s baking involved? What better way to spend the holidays than huddled up in some blankets, sipping hot cocoa while simultaneously having your mouth water over delicious descriptions of baked CAKE, am I right?

5. A Snowfall of Silver by Laura Wood

Set in 1931, A Snowfall of Silver follows a girl as she runs away from home to pursue her career as an actress. To make things even better, the love interest is a play writer, AND ‘WRITER’ IS EXCITING, OKAY? It’s a book about following your dreams, and its also historical fiction, and yes, SNOW.

6. Little Women

This is the only book in this entire list that I HAVE read, and GAH, I LOVE IT TOO MUCH, OKAY? Jo is basically PERFECTION, just saying. And she is also a writer (love because #relatable) The book starts off with Christmas, and the entire story is just so heartwarming and amazing, and I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THE MOVIE TOO.

7. Girls made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

It is a snow white retelling, along with an evil father, plus a protagonist with a heart made of glass because it was cut out by her dad so long ago she can’t even remember it, and he replaced it with one of glass. And there’s the other girl. Created from snow by a magician. Created to look exactly like her late mother. Yes, fellow olives, I can feel the excitement rolling off you.

8.   Where Dreams Descend by Janelle Angeles

This contains magicians, which is AMAZING on its own. But it takes that excitement and pulls it to a new level. Now, tell me, what do you think of… missing magicians? Yes, that’s right, olives, THIS BOOK – THIS BOOK – has it. There’s also magic and secrets and some mentions of darkness (I LOVE) in the synopsis and also a lot of MYSTERY. And people have also compared it to Caraval and The Night Circus, so yes, that’s something. ALSO, DO YOU SEE THAT COVER?

9.   Down comes the Night by Allison Saft

See that cover, IT GIVES OFF SUCH STRONG WINTER VIBES WHILE ALSO KIND OF REMINDING YOU OF A MIXTURE OF GOLDILOCKS AND HANSEL AND GRETEL. No? Is that just me? *cue awkward throat clearing* BUT it’s fantasy and apparently also has gorgeous writing and enemies-to-lovers romance *melts* AND MAGIC!!! MAGIC IS KEY!!! MAGIC IS EVERYTHING.


Have you read any of these? Are they on your TBR? What do YOU usually do during the winter break? Thoughts on olives and hot cocoa (but eaten/drank individually of course)?? What are some of YOUR favorite books to read during the holiday season?


So here was the second guest post in my blog 🙂 Thank you anoushka for it cuz I had ALMOST stepped out of my 10 day blogging streak :l. Mind ne not detailing much, IM BUSY SO YEAH. Anyway, talk to later, or maybe in the comment section byee!