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Santosphere Day 4 || Logo’s get a Christmas makeover

Hello Wonderful people! Happy Day 4 of Santosphere!

If you don’t know about Santosphere(the blogging version), It’s nothing but just MY version of blogmas. Please don’t use the term “Santosphere” for blogmas in your blog because it’s copyrighted, in my blog.

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*cough* *clears through* A terrible an editor here! Today I’ll be editing some- logos and make ’em look christmasyy

so…. that’s it?


#1- CANVA!

Yes, Canva, ’cause why not? my very favorite and the most useful site 🙂 Canva has a very simple makeover, her you go-

All I’ve added here is santa’s cap, a candy cane and some color changings, looking’ good enough to use throughout your holidays?

#2 WordPress!

one of the most used apps by me- wp! It’s a quite messy one this time, not much but……..


#3 Spotify!

It was kinda hard re-designing spotify’s logo, but I tried my best, and here’s what I made at last-

I love that musical-note thingy at the bottom middle. It’s amazing right?

#4 Windows


hehe (i love the Santa’s cap btw)

#5 Google!

YEESSSSS, are amazing google, having fun doodles 🙂 (wow, that rhymes) Google anyway will have it’s own redisign for xmas, but here’s how I designed it’s logo-

I like this! I actually do!

#6 WhatsApp!

Okay….this took me a lot of time, it’s the messy-est. Here, think of it being messy with me 🙂

#7 Pinterest

I liked Pinterest’s one, It’s one of my favorites, simple and easy to make-

– having a golden tree and the north star :))

#8 Instagram

Well I like the way I’ve designed Instagram’s logo too! I mean, It’s c o o l !


Well, that’s it. I’m tired now. It’s 8:47. Classes start in 3 minutes. Let me stop now. 🙂

PS: I’ve written this post on 17 dec, aka yesterday. Seriously, I NEED WRITING BOTS !!!!

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