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It’s night time – A poem!

It’s night time, you’ve got to sleep
It’s morning, you have to wake
Classes, things and food to eat
It’s night time again, sleep for goodness sake

Don’t think about the not-so-cool things
The reason why you’ve been crying today
The people who’ve cut down your wings
The tears, and sadness you got today

Who knows you, more than yourself,
Who knows why you’re sad, why you’re smiling,
Who knows when you need help,
Except you, the one who’s feeling?

So get it? You’re the one who knows yourself
And it doesn’t matter what they think about you
You’re the one, who’s here to help
yourself, when you’re feeling blue


So I guess that I’ve started writing food poems again (unlike the past few months) and this is a poem I’ve written for


Well I guess I haven’t written poems since a long long time and November is going to END this week, YES ITS DECEMBER THEN! so following our pretty old tradition, I had to write a poem of the month! And here it is!

Now, about the poem. I wrote it TODAY, because I completely forgot that it’s Saturday (I EVEN HAD CLASSES TODAY) and the post I’d scheduled was not ready 🤦🏻‍♀️ but the feelings in this, were for me.

Like people, you need to STOP overthrowing. Everyone who I talk to says this to me, and even I say it to me. . . . 🤦🏻‍♀️

HEY, I HAVE TWO NEW FAV EMOJIS!- 🤦🏻‍♀️&👀&🥲&🤧! Actually that’s four, anyway.

PLEASE NOTE: the Gchat app is n o t working and it’s so irritating. I CAN’T EVEN TYPE SOMETHING. But yes, I’ve read your messages and I really really want to reply but the APP IS NOT WORKING. If you’re one of those people, I’m really sorry for not replying, but I’ll do it ASAP! 🙃

ALSO: This is the original piece people. And it’s copyrighted, so please don’t steal, or I will make you put it down.

So goodbye! Stay happy and WINTER IS HEREEEE!❄⛄

What’s 🌼+ ing?