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Hello wonderful people!
I’m not sure if you’ve seen this post yet or not- if you havent, check it out!

And what’s 💨+ R?
Comment below! And all those who get it right gets a shout out on 1st December!
B-byee Stay happy

The box of Wonder!

Hello, dear wonderful people!

So I haven’t had a post since FOUR days, do you understand how long it is! Plus, it’s almost December! That means, it’s going to be blogmas time soon, with so many Christmassy posts to read! I’m really excited, but I’m kinda scared if I break the chain of having a post EACH AND EVERY day. And so, your amazing Betty is doing blogmas for 10 days and NOT 25 🙂🙂🙂🙂(it’s the second time I’m writing Betty in any of my posts, like wow!)

Now before anything, let us look at the MAIN part.

What is “Santosphere”

Santosphere, is the other name of “The box of wonder’s blogmas” it’s a short name I’ve given to the blogmas of my, and its copyrighted, so you can’t use the word santosphere for your blog without giving credits to this post. Thank you Maggie and

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