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Cookie lover award!

Hey Wonderful People!!

So If I haven’t told you before, then I’ll not be posting on Thursdays from now, at least not till December, just to save you from me, 2 day per week shall be enough😎

Click here to read this post on my site! Amazing, let’s start!

So today I’m doing another award, thanks a lot to Heidi for the nomination! The link were already ready for me in Heidi’s post, so extra thanks!! Also, ty Rachel, for the nomination! You can check out their blog and do follow it if you want! they are amazing


Designed by Maggie!! She has created this amazing award!

This award was a really creative one! I enjoyed doing it. It was pretty long, so I didn’t want to add more awards and tags in this. heh.


  • Thank the person/fellow cookie lover who nominated you! (or whose blog you found out about this award through)
  • Answer the cookie-related questions and add one of your own!
  • Share some pictures of cookies you adore! (can be pics you’ve taken or ones from online, just be sure to give credit where credit is due.)
  • Nominate 5 or more bloggers who love cookies and leave an open nomination for every cookie lover around the world!


What are your top three favorite types of cookies?

Chocolate, OREOS and Choco chip cookies🍪🍪

I haven’t ate macaroons yet…so..yeah.

I don’t realyyyyyy remember…. I am cookie-free these days.

I would be a walnut snowball cookie. First of all, Because it has been rated 1 STAR, that means that people wont like me, and I have a chance of NOT being eaten. 😀 Second, because of the first point, the whole walnut snowball cookie nation would be very proud of me, and I will rule them, and become the queen of all. Don’t you DARE to tell them about my awesome plan. *looks at sarcastic people like Nehal* 🙂

Why do you love cookies?

I love cookies because they are just so sweet! And they have an awesome smell. And the taste too!

I don’t like salty cookies, they just ruin the taste.

I have only made one kind of cookie, which is Choco Chip Cookies.

Chocolate cookie, of course🙂🙂!

Umm….no, but I miiiiiiight

I want the ceiling fan to be cookie themed, so that whenever it rotates, I see an awesome cookie. 🍪

Rachel‘s Question: What do you like most about cookies?

I LOVE the colour, taste and SMELL of cookies!

Betty’s Question: Choco chip cookies or Oreo’s/Cream cookies?(according to your current mood😆)

I like oreos a LOT, but if I have to chose one of them, I will choose Choco chip cookie. they are much better! 😋🍴🍪😋😊

And that was my question👆🏻

Cookies I adore

Yes these are Oreos. I love oreos with milk!

Click on the image to visit the source.

Here are all the questions you need to answer, you don’t need to spend a lot of time copy-pasting them!

  • What are your top three favorite types of cookies?
  • What’s a cookie you haven’t tried yet but REALLY want to?
  • What’s the last type of cookie you ate?
  • If you were a cookie, which kind would you be and why? (i.e. chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, macaroon, peanut butter, etc)
  • Why do you love cookies?
  • Flora‘s Question: What’s one cookie you’re not so keen on (you dislike)?
  • Haley‘s Questions: What is the best cookie recipe you’ve made?
  • Tanatswa‘s Question: If you could make a three tier cookie desert, which cookie would be on your first tier?
  • Heidi‘s Question: Have you ever mixed brownie batter and cookie dough to make brookies/crownies?
  • Shiney‘s Questions:  if you could have one piece of cookie-themed furniture, what would it be? (random I know!)
  • Rachel‘s Question: What do you like most about cookies?
  • Betty’s Question: Choco chip cookies or Oreo’s/Cream cookies?


I’m not sure who to nominate for this award, because 1. It’s a really big award, so you might not wanna do it, it’ll take time answering so many questions, and if you don’t have time, you can’t do it, I understand it. And it’s okay!

So I decide, that whoever comments on this post before 24th November (aka tommorow), will be nominated! I’ll edit this post tomorrow and add the nominees!

Bye peopleeeee! Stay happyy!

P.S. – Me is still working on the signoff.

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