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The poet-o-graphy collab! – collab with Stara

Hello Wonderful People, who are always ready to read my disaster poems 🙂

So first of all, if you’re wondering what is poet-o-graphy , it is a mixture of “poet” and “photography” Of course I, the amazing Betty, thought of this

So, I’m doing a collab today! 😃 A collab with Stara @ The pool of thoughts!

So thank you so much for asking me to collab! It meant a lotttttttt!


How it works- So we will be sending each other an image we took, and then, we need to write a poem based on it! Amazing idea, right!

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I’ll keep it up

One by one,
The steps I climb
Moving forward,
Who cares about time?

Years ago,
I wished to climb
Now I can’t go back
I have to move 

I’m lost in path
Of the so-called life
Have to walk up with my legs
No driver’s here no short drive

I met that friend
On the path with me
She went away
Then came again

It’s scary,
My mom told me,
I wanna stop
But it’s fun to see 

To see the nature
To see those trees
Those birds
Those friends who come and go

I’m still walking
And I’ll keep it up
Till the end
Of the so-called life.

Done! I hope you enjoyed reading 😀😄

Byeeeee Stay Happppyyyyyyyyyy!

I’m still working on the sign-of.

P.s. – The Contest is ACTUALLY scheduled for this weeks Saturday! I hope you check it out!