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The Everything Collab ~ Collab with Rachel!

The above image is made by Rachel!

Hello Wonderful People!!

This is my first Collab!!!! I’m very very happy!!!! And the name is, ‘The Everything Collab!! And yes, I’m doing it with Rachel! Who had also started blogging this year! She is a very kind and sweet blogger like many others! Do follow her blog and like and comment of her posts if you want too!

How it works- Here we will give our thoughts on each other’s favorite game, book, quote, song and movie + We will answer 5 questions we gave to each other! It was really fun planning everything! We both enjoyed it a lot!

To view Rachel’s post, Click here!

Let’s Start!!!!

Made by Rachel!

Favorite Game-Mafia

I had tried to do some research about this, but you know, sometimes I get lazy. However, it sounds like a good game, you can play it if you want to!

Favorite Book – The princess and the goblin by george macdonald

It is a fabulous book for you to read! The grammar is good, words aren’t too complicated and it’s easy to understand! If you aren’t a mature reader, you should start with this awesome book! I haven’t read it, but it’s reviews are great! Good choice Rachel!

Favorite Quote- A true star shines her light upon others – Chloe pink

So true about a star that’s true😅

Shining your light on others means, helping them to become like you, not much but at least a bit. Which star do we value the most? The sun! Because it is the only star that shines its light on us and our mood gets its beautiful glow from the sun! Imagine what would happen without the sun! What do you think?

Favorite Song- PTT(Paint The Town) by LOONA

What! I just heard it! It sounds so Good! The lyrics, the beats, everything is great! I love the awesome voice! You must hear it too!! –

The best thing is that it starts from a dark scene and has a beautiful ending!

Favorite Movie- The intern

Just watch the Trailer, you’ll get everything.

Or maybe I’m too lazy to write anything

Made by Rachel!

1. How can a blogger stand out?

To stand out, according to me, a blogger should be friendly, not rude and it should do what it wants from the others. You should have the talent that makes people think they can trust you and NEVER use them. If one person doesn’t like your blog, maybe the next day no one will!

2. What is the best advice for blogging?

Be calm, Be friendly, Be nice

That’s all? nothing else? Seriously?

3. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I was bored and I thought many others were bored like me! I thought that all of us could have fun together and I was correct!

4. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Getting likes comments and followers! It feels the best! And talking with others, publishing posts, and many more! I like everything about blogging!

It’s just that the emogi’s pop out when we cross them

like 😐 this

5. Where do you hope your blog will take you

Umm… I don’t have any big goal, I don’t want to be too popular. All I want is, to have kind friends and make everyone happy with my writings. I hope this blog makes everyone happy and me too!

That’s it! I hope you all enjoy(like I did) and have a great inspiring day!

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Stay Happy!