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Quote of the month!(August )

Hello Wonderful people!

These days, I’ve realized, It doesn’t take much time to write posts! So I write when I have time and it seems that now, I am able to write a post every day!

But still, I’m late😁😁😁

So here is the quote of the month~

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go until you stop


Nice, right? Do you remember the tortoise story? Where the tortoise keeps walking, tho slowly, but it kept walking, and the rabbit stopped and took a break. Who won? The tortious! If you are slow, maybe it isn’t your mistake, but if you stop, it must be your mistake, right?

So this quote gives us a lesson, to not stop, keep moving and you will reach your goal one day

It is written by Confucius-


I hope you enjoyed! Have a great and positive day!(not covid-positiveπŸ˜…)

(Jokes apart)

Stay Happy!

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Welcome August! Let’s begin a new month with new tasks and more!

Hello Wonderful People!

I know that I’m late to publish this post πŸ˜…(I Should have done it on 1st August but it wasn’t ready)

I have a problem like this from the start


I cross things when I don’t need too


Hello Wonderful People!

It’s a new month! August! And I’m so excited for the coming whole month! I hope it would be fun and happy for all of us! And in this post, all we will do is discuss about August!

Ready for a long post? (It is actually long, that’s why it took time to write it, now I hope it IS long ;))

So here are some fact about August 2021!-

Goodbye to July 2021!

Now before starting, we must say bye to July. It was so much fun on July! July was the second month of my Blog, and probably the first whole month of my Blog!

Do you know I have experienced so much on August, with the help of this blog! Some of my achievements were –

getting the feel of a celebration? The post is coming soon! Stay tuned for it!

Special Days on August 2021!

  • 1st Aug- Friendship Day
  • 1st Aug- Sisters Day
  • 4th Aug- International cloud leopard day
  • 5th Aug- traffic light day
  • 8th Aug- World Cat day
  • 8th Aug-International infinity day
  • 9th Aug- International Day of the world’s indigenous people
  • 9th Aug- International Coworking Day
  • 10th Aug- World lion day
  • 11th Aug- World calligraphy day
  • 12th Aug- International youth day
  • 12th Aug- World elephant day
  • 13th Aug- International left-handed day
  • 14th Aug- World lizard day
  • 19th Aug- World photography day
  • 19th Aug- World Humanitarian day
  • 19th Aug- International Orangutan day
  • 19th Aug- International Bow day
  • 20th Aug- World mosquito day ??
  • 20th Aug- International day of emergency transport

I have an idea, visit this site to know moreπŸ˜…(if you wanna)

This is what took most of the time -_-. Who celebrates so many days in 1 month

Some tasks and goals!

  • Get 20 followers?
  • Get more likes and comments!
  • Complete all the assignments on time!
  • Study well for the tests!
  • Make more friends!
  • Read more books!


It has been 1 month of blogging for me! i would love to know how you think my blog is! Dont worry, your information will not be shared!!

How was my blog the previous month?

What can I improve on? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be glad to know I can improve 😌

It’s not as long as I thought. -_-

anyways, that’s that’s all for today! Thanks for reading this post and always supporting me!

FUn FaCt- I have started making the august wrap up and September post so that I dont get late again πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

STAY Hapy!

*realises the spelling is wrong, but thinks no one would mind and doesn’t edit it because tooo lazy*

I love this!!! (Self-praising)