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The story of The month!(July) I’m very excited!!!

Hello Wonderful people!

As I like writing stories, I will make a post like this and write a story every month. Last month I couldn’t write any post like this because I had just joined wordpress and 5he month was ending, but from now I will probably write a story every month.

And yes, I will not make a super long post and finish this story here. I will post a chapter every month so that it doesn’t stress your eyes too much.

Juliet’s Book

Chapter-1, The beginning

Tell me one thing, honestly, don’t you hate your alarm song more than the song you actually hate? Me too! I was having such a wonderful dream but this alarm..argh! That is the way my day starts. I wonder why my brain doesn’t make me sleep early. Then I get up and ready, and as usual, my dog had to step on my shoes and dirty it. I wish I had a better dog. The thing is that, our teachers dont understand my problem. I just wish they gave me less homework! I get 10 new questions from each subject daily as homework! Why do you even teach us in school if we have to solve all the hard questions by ourselves as homework.

So let me tell you what happened one day…

I went to play in my friends house and I asked her mom if she would come to play with me in the park. She said that “she is in her room and she is doing some work with her laptop”.

“I wonder what she is doing, can I go there and help her with whatever she’s doing?”

“Yes, of course Juliet!”

I fled upstairs and asked her what she is doing? She told me that she is writing a book. She said-

“I am writing book! It’s about a secret world where fairies live. Once I have written the whole story, I will publish the book and send it in libraries I’m super existed!”

“Isn’t that to kiddish? Come on, we’re big now. Think of another cooler topic”

“Well, its not that kiddish. And I am happy that I am a writer and people will be reading my books. Why don’t you write a book? You can choose a better topic if you want. It’s so much fun!”

“Is it? I’ll think about it later. But right now, I’m going to my home.”

And the whole way back to home, I was thinking about writing a book. Tons of topics came in my mind and I chose the perfect one. From then, everyday, I spent 1 hour for my book. I designed the cover, added chapters and it took 3 months until I finished, do you know what the name of it was? ‘My irritating life’ and the next day I published it! That day, I felt happier than ever! And after 1 week, I went to the libraries I had sold the book and they told me that not even one copy was sold. I ran home crying and wrote in my diary-

Dear Diary

Do you know how irritating life is? There’s never even a chance of being happy. I hate it. Everyday, I wake up early in the morning even though I don’t need to, I have to run to school, I get 10000000 of homework and I have to help mom and dad for their work. I wonder when and where I will find happiness…..

And mom called me before I could finish

“Juliet, come here, have your lunch. “

I told her about the book. She said

“No one gets followers just with one try. You have to try and keep trying for you success. Don’t worry Julie,(my kind-of pet name) just keep trying. Write more books of more topics, and work harder then anyone, you will do it.”

and I got the best idea. I started writing another story. This time the name was ‘Mothers Love and Father’s Sacrifice’ I didn’t wait for the reviews I wrote many more books! I just kept writing with the hope to succeed.

so that’s the first chapter… was it too short? I’ll start with the second chapter from the next month btw, what is the next month? Ooh yes, its August that’s August.

Good bye Wonderful People

Stay Happy!

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