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The First Poem In My Blog – We’re happy if we’re together !

Helloo Wonderful people!

Yesterday, I was just scrolling down the reader, and I saw so many amazing poems written by amazing bloggers! ‘I thought that what if I write a poem too?’ And I was definitely going to as writing is my favorite thing! And I wrote this poem and today, I’ll share it with you!

At first I just couldn’t understand what am I even supposed to do, but then I wrote an ordinary sentence, and found the rhyming words in my brain. When the dictionary of your brain, and the feelings of you heart come together, your poem is always awesome!

This poem is probably for everyone from everyone. We all have someone who we want to be with but they don’t because of any reason. It could be our Friends, Siblings, Cousins or any other relatives. In this poem I have shared the pain people have when they get apart from someone .Please read it carefully and think if someone needs you to be happy.

We’re happy if we’re together

Look above, the way stars shine

look at the happy smile of mine,

When you’re with me, everything is nice

when you go away, sugar tastes like spice,

don’t go away, or I will cry,

I wouldn’t stop however much we try,

Belive it or not, I seem obsessed with you,

But the world seems blank when i am not with you,

You don’t understand, the pain in my heart

you can’t make me happy, by just adding chocolates in the cart,

What I want, is what I deserve

Below my nose and eyes, a little curve 🌝

that makes me smile, being happy and gay

giving me your love, seems like the only way

remember those days, we laughed together?

it never mattered, However is the whether,

We were together, we’ll always stay,

and then nothing can stop us, from being happy and gay.

Tell me your favorite part in the comments!

Who does this remind you? Someone you want to be with? Someone who wants to be with you? Think about it and go and talk to that person. Show them that they will get what they deserve and you will be with them. You can’t be more helpful to them.

Thank you for reading my poem!!!!

Stay Happy and make others Happy!

The box of wonder (I always forget it) Betty