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Hey there! I’m Betty, the owner, creator, designer, writer, publisher and everything of this blog 🙂 I publish random posts in this blog, like, ANYTHING random. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts!!

The blogger recommendations tag!

Hello Wonderful People!🦋 It’s seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done an award/tag post. I’ve even started to stop writing them down in the list. But then one day, when I woke up, I opened wp and saw this amazing tag created by miss apple, and it was so cool that I left my […]

It feels like December-

The mask, is still wornAnd continues the new normalThe covid free expectations are tornAnd we continue talking formal “New year, New month, New day” we say“Make your goals”, even if they don’t work? What is new?Except of the calendar?Have we returned back to normal?No. We’re busy planting lavender. Has our excitement for new year ended?Yes, […]

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